How To Stay Younger As You Get Older

The Biblical Secrets of a Long Life

Genesis 43:24-28

DATE: 28 July, 2002 PM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction:


A.      In our text, the sons of Jacob said that he was "in good health" although he was called an old man. That would be a good goal to have – good health, even though old. This is the first occurrence of the word "health" in the Bible.

B.       Let me begin my message tonight by encouraging everyone to enjoy where you are in life. There are advantages and disadvantages to being young and good-looking, even as there are to being old and ugly! The only way I would want to go back to age 20 again would be if I could still maintain the knowledge I have at 39.

C.       However, nearly all of us would like to stay healthier longer. Some people look like they are in their 50s, but they are only in their 30s. I have seen some others that look like they are in their 60s, but they are only in their 40s, and some who look like they are in their 70s, who are only in their 50s. Why should someone look 20 years older than he is?

D.      Believe it or not, the Bible has a lot to say about health. The word is found in 17 verses of scripture. Don't get scared. I don't have a 17-point sermon tonight. I want to give you just a few pointers from the Bible on how to stay healthier and live longer.


II.       Message – How to Stay Younger as You Get Older

First of all, and I know this seems too simple, but


A.      Pay Attention To Your Health (Acts 27:34)


1.        These people had ignored their health. Paul made them stop what they were doing and eat. Many people ignore their health. They abuse their health, they use-up their health, and then they try and repair their health, but they never take the time to strengthen and preserve their health while they have it.

2.        There are some simple things about your health that you had better not ignore. These have a great effect on your body’s ability to live long:


a.       Right Eating


1)       Drink should be mostly water and juices - 1 Timothy 5:23

2)       Eat as much or less as you are going to burn up in work and exercise (Proverbs 25:16)


b.       Right Sleeping


1)       Don't oversleep and don't under-sleep.

2)       If you can't stay awake during the day, you're probably not getting enough sleep.

3)       If you're not sleeping well at night, you may be trying to sleep too long and not working long and hard enough (Ecclesiastes 5:12)


c.       Right Exercise and sweating (Gen 3:19)


1)       Many people don’t work hard enough – they are LAZY

2)       God has ordained that man work and earn his food from the sweat of his face.

3)       If you don't sweat from regular exercise you're hurting your health.


d.       Too much Pleasure and self-destruction – starts off as enjoyable


1)       Strong drink (alcoholic beverages)

2)       Cigarettes and tobacco

3)       Drugs

4)       TV – hours and hours of non-activity (mental, nor physical)


B.       Pay Attention To Honouring Parents (Eph 6:2,3)


1.        Consider them


a.       In your decisions

b.       In your prayers – do you regularly pray for them, and seek God’s answers to their problems

c.       In your way of living – did they have a better way than you have figured out so far? If so, then learn from their mistakes!


2.        Communicate with them


a.       Talk with them, tell them you love them, listen to them

b.       Hear their heart, and let them tell you a thing or two

c.       Make eye contact

d.       Take the time to listen, and listen some more


3.        Care for them in their senior years – don’t turn them over to the State, or to a retirement home!

4.        God is judging this world for our failure to honour our parents


C.       Pay Attention To Your Humour (Pr 17:22)


1.        Think about things that bring joy and merriment to your heart


a.       Your kids

b.       Your wife, or husband – not on another woman or man

c.       A good joke, or clean comic book

d.       Heaven


2.        Talk about things that bring joy and merriment to your heart


a.       Share your joy with others

b.       It stops you from always complaining


3.        Have some songs to sing (Col 3:16)


a.       If you only sing the songs of the world, you will become like the world – used up, and dry as toast

b.       Sing the songs of Zion, and your joy will be full


4.        Make someone else happy – it is an art to bring a smile to someone else


a.       Take people on as a challenge

b.       Make their day

c.       You will never be the same – not to the point of exhaustion, but to where you have made a difference


5.        Examples:


a.       Jesus did it

b.       Barnabas did it (Acts 11)


D.      Pay Attention To Your Holiness (Pr 3:1,2; 3:7,8)


1.        Sin decays health (Romans 6:23).

2.        Scourging destroys health


a.       I'm referring to chastening as in Hebrews 12:5-11.

b.       Stay clean, and you will get in trouble less, and you will age less


3.        Sanctification strengthens health (Proverbs 4:20-22; 1 Tim 4:8)


III.     Conclusion – So what should we do to live long on this earth?


A.      Pay Attention To Your Health (Acts 27:34)

B.       Pay Attention To Honouring Parents (Eph 6:2,3)

C.       Pay Attention To Your Humour (Pr 17:22)

D.      Pay Attention To Your Holiness (Pr 3:1,2; 3:7,8)