How Not To Frustrate The Grace of God

Galatians 2:21


I.         Introduction - This message is critical to understanding the Holy Spirit


A.      There is a Spiritual Battle Going On (Gal 5:17)


1.        The Holy Spirit and human flesh just don’t get along

2.        It is OUR response to the influence of the Holy Spirit that makes the difference. Either we honour sin and the works of the flesh, or we honour the Spirit, and the works of God in our life!


B.       The Work of the Holy Spirit


1.        He Convicts - Convinces us of sin, righteousness, judgment (Jn 16:7-13)

2.        He Converts - Transforms condemned sinner into forgiven saint (Jn 3:3-7)

3.        He Comforts - Re-assures of our salvation, abides with us (John 14:26; Rom 8:16)

4.        He Conforms - He works very hard to get us more and more like Jesus Christ (Philp 1:6)

5.        He Completes - He takes over when we have exhausted our abilities (Act 1:8)


C.       Three Wrong Responses To The Holy Spirit’s Work


1.        Grieve the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30) - Because of sin (Gen 6:5,6)

2.        Quench (shut up, tie hands) the Holy Spirit (1Thes 5:19) - Because of apathy, unconcern, wrong priorities (Mark 10:48) - wrong music, gossip

3.        Frustrate (Resist and Reject) the Holy Spirit (Gal 2:21) - Because of envy (Acts 7:51) - Self-centered and selfish, when God is “others”centered!


II.       Message - How Not To Grieve/Quench/Frustrate the Grace of God


A.      To Grieve Not The Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30) - Glorify God in your spirit and in your body (1 Cor 6:19,20; 10:31) - most of us grieve God for weeks! We ourselves are grieved by how others are treating us - that's how God feels!


1.        Don’t live differently on Mon - Sat, than you do on Sunday

2.        Live a life worthy of the name “Christian” - God hates frauds!

3.        Don’t FIGHT (strive with) Him when He works on you - convicts!


B.       To Quench Not the Holy Spirit (1Thes 5:19) - Reject things that would suppress His influence in your life (Cf Matt 5:29)


1.        Get Fed-up with spiritual-emptiness. Reject the lie of the world that you will find satisfaction in all the things of this world! Would stop you wasting a lot of time on all the "new" cars, computer stuff, toys, friends, etc.

2.        Fuel the work of the Holy Spirit - with the word of God - Jeremiah had hid God’s word in his heart, and even when he got away from God, it was fuel for the Spirit to burn in his heart (Jer 20:9)

3.        Get Full of the Holy Spirit (Eph 5:18). Allow Him to saturate your life - your conversation, facial expressions, responses to problems.


C.       To Frustrate Not the Holy Spirit (Gal 2:21) - Humble yourself


1.        Don’t get all messed up in “religion” and “philosophy” and keeping the Law, and trying to “impress God.”

2.        Get interested in what HE is interested in - eternal things


a.       Not just feeding the poor, but getting them the Gospel!

b.       Not just knowing what the Bible says, but LIVING it!


3.        Get close to Him - Pray WITH Him (Rom 8:26)


D.      Therefore, The BEST Way is to Yield, Surrender (Acts 9)


1.        Yield to getting saved - Yield to Christ tonight!

2.        Yield to serve Christ with the whole heart once you are saved!

3.        Put all your efforts into resisting sin and the devil from now on!


III.     Conclusion - How Do YOU Respond to the Work of the Holy Spirit?


A.      He works through preaching, the reading of your Bible, through praying, and through other Christians - how do you respond?

B.       When He is working - which is ALL the time - you need to


1.        Always glorify God

2.        Always reject and hate sin

3.        Always fuel your spiritual walk

4.        Always surrender (yield) - make God right