He Careth For You!

How To Get To Know ĎHimí Who Wants To Be Your Best Friend

1Peter 5:5-11


I.      Introduction - Prov 18:24


A.    People today have few friends. Many reasons of course. But this becomes a big problem when even the Lord Jesus is not allowed to be our friend - Saviour Yes. Lord? No. Friend? Definitely not!

B.    If only we would learn: there is no better friend than Jesus! The greatest commandment is to love Him - He loves you - and according to our Scripture text in 1 Peter 5:7, He cares for you! Letís spend some time and leanr how to get to know who wants to be our very best friend


II.    Message - He Careth For You (1 Peter 5:5-11)


A.    Who Really Cares For You (Ps 142:4,5; John 10:11-13)


1.        People say they care about other people, and about causes

2.        Many people sacrifice of themselves for their causes

3.        Only God proved His care at the cross - taking your place, and punishment!

4.        Only God is commited to one and all on this planet - He did not walk away when Adam fell - He wont walk away from you either (2 Pet 3:9; Heb 13:5)


B.    When Does Christ Jesus Care For You?


1.        When you are lost, unsaved - He came looking for you (Rev 3:20)

2.        When you are backsliden - He puts obstacles in your way to make it harder to go away from Him, and to direct you back to Him (Balaamís donkey in Num 22)

3.        When you fall - when you sin - He cares enough to chasten/correct you (Heb 12) - He doesnít laugh, He just starts working harder!

4.        When you are suffering (1 Pet 4:12-19) for being a Christian

5.        When you are weak, struggling (2 Cor 12) trying to live for Him

6.        When you think that you donít need Him anymore (Rev 3)

7.        When you take a stand against your sin, and for Christ - He stands with you! He takes care of you when you seek to care for Him!


C.    How To Let Jesus Christ Care For You Everyday (1 Pet 5:5-11)


1.        Humble yourself (5:5,6) - Donít think that you can go it through life alone! Yield - Let go of your own plans and desires, and give place to the ďmighty hand of God!Ē He is great, we are nothing!


a.     Clothe yourself with humility - cover yourself in it - opposit of boasting

b.     Submit yourself to each other - not controlling one another, but serving and ministering to each other!

c.     God will resist your efforts if based upon rebellious pride

d.     But God will back your efforts with GRACE if you have a humble heart and attitude toward Him!


2.        Relieve yourself (5:7) - Stop carrying around all the cares that you were never meant to carry - Give your cares to the One who wants them (Ps 127:2; Isa 53:3,4)

3.        Redirect your attention (5:8,9) - from pity on yourself, to the battle


a.     Wake up to the danger (be sober) - Satan is out to DESTROY you your family, and anything that is associated with Christ! Christian lives are only destroyed because of carelessness, and indifference toward spiritual things - they only cared about this world (1 John 2:15,16)!

b.     Prepare for each battle (be vigilent, or in preparation):


1)        Get to know your weaknesses - call in for re-inforcements (prayer)

2)        Get to know your only enemy - his tactics, weaknesses

3)        Get as close to your Captain as possible - and stay with Him (James 4:7) so that you can face off and RESIST!


c.     Then, go ahead, and jump into the battle (5:9) - You will be in good company - Stand like the 3 Hebrew children in Dan 3


4.        Submit to Godís work on you (5:10) - like a diamond - ongoing process - perfecting you, stablishing you, strengthening you, and settling you! It makes you more and more LIKE His Son Jesus Christ! Thatís the goal-post! Involves suffering, struggles - Amen!

5.        Enjoy the greatness of the work and abilities of Christ (5:11) - not our own accomplishments - take note of all the things HE does, and give Him all the glory!!!


III.   Conclusion -