The Glory of the Lord

How to Let God’s Light Shine in and Through Your Life

2 Chronicles 5-8

DATE: 13 Jan, 2001   AM         PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Mt 18:20; Jn 14:19-24)


A.      Let me ask you some questions:


1.        How would you like to attend a church where God shows up for each and every meeting? So much so, that saved and lost know it!

2.        How would you like to spend every meal, fully aware that Jesus is with you, and is pleased to be with you at your dinner table, and in your conversation?

3.        How would you like your prayer time, and Bible study time to be alive with passion, and power?

4.        How would you like to witness to someone knowing that God’s Holy Spirit is actually in control of the conversation?


B.       That’s what I want – the glory of God manifested, displayed, shown in both MY life, and in the life of EVERY believer as we live for the Lord

C.       Let me explain two truths that are going to be pivotal to learn today


1.        A temple is the place for the worship of God – you must have a temple

2.        A Christian’s body is God’s desired temple (1Cor 6:19,20)

3.        Now, if you get these two truths, you will understand what we are about to study


II.       Background


A.      Solomon has built the Temple (1000BC). An incredible structure, 240 feet tall

B.       But it was basically empty – but not for long

C.       About 6 miles away, in a little town called Gibeon, the old Tabernacle sat.


1.        It was a sort of mobile tent, which had travelled with Israel through the years as they had left Egypt, and wandered through the wilderness, and for the last almost 500 years now, been set up there in Gibeon

2.        It was the reminder to Israel that God was with them – never alone

3.        Every once in a while, the “glory of the Lord” would appear, and everyone would realise they were in the presence of God

4.        Oh how important it was to know that God was with them


a.       Moses had experienced God’s presence many times


1)       At the burning bush

2)       On Mt Sinai

3)       In the provision of the Manna

4)       At the Rock

5)       In the sacrifices when the Tabernacle was set up in wilderness

6)       In the worst of times, he so yearned to see God’s glory, and God let him see the after effects of Him passing in front of him


b.       Elijah had experienced God’s presence at the rebuilt alter in 1Kgs 18 when the fire of God fell

c.       Isaiah saw the glory of the Lord in heaven in Isaiah 6


D.      Now, in the reign of king Solomon, the presence of God, that reminder, would be made permanent


III.     Message – The Glory of the Lord (1 Chronicles 5-8)


A.      Appears Only by Invitation (1Chr 5:1-7)


1.        People from the top down made a decision to go get the Ark


a.       To bring it INTO the Temple

b.       To place it in HIS place (8:7) – the place that GOD belongs


2.        The Ark did not make its own way in – God does not force Himself


a.       Think about it – this infinite, all powerful God, waiting on humans

b.       Why? Because he so desires to be wanted


3.        Solomon says, “HEY! Let’s allow God to be in THE most important place in the universe”


a.       Inside the newly built Temple

b.       Deep inside, in the MOST HOLY place

c.       A Place referred to as, “HIS PLACE.”


4.        Folks, this is a picture for all of us (Rev 3:20)


a.       Our BODIES are the Temple of God

b.       We must invite Jesus in – He does not force Himself on anyone

c.       Without that clear invitation, there is no presence of God there


1)       Salvation is by choice

2)       It is the invitation for the God of heaven to make us holy

3)       And to take up residence in us, permanently (Col 1:27)


B.       Appears Only After Compliance (1Chr 5:8-10) – a humble obedience


1.        David had made the mistake of trying to bring the Ark into Jerusalem before his own way – on the top of a wagon.

2.        But God had said it had to be hand carried, on poles

3.        Solomon, and all the priests did things now just the way God said to

4.        This is important because we must learn to follow instructions – especially when they come from the mouth of God!

5.        So, they did things right, as required by God – a key ingredient

6.        Folks, when are we going to get serious enough to start living “by-the-Book?”


a.       The purpose of salvation is to save us from our sins, for sure

b.       The result of our salvation should also be the manifestation of Jesus Christ in us

c.       He is not evident when we live in opposition to His word

d.       Let’s do things God’s way – not like in Isa 53:6


C.       Appears Only When We Praise His Goodness (2Chr 5:12,13)


1.        Don’t buy the lie of the devil that Eve accepted:


a.       That God is NOT being good to you – and holding back on the one tree in the garden

b.       That God is not good to you much at all – that is a LIE from hell


2.        Do you know what we deserve? HELL!

3.        And yet God is long-suffering, not willing that ANY should perish (not freeze, but BURN in hell for eternity)!

4.        Look what these folks praised God for – HIS MERCY


a.       The fact that God was NOT giving them what they deserved

b.       It is of the Lord’s mercy that we are not consumed (Lam 3:22)


5.        Everything else that happens in our life is pure gravy

6.        When was the last time you just praised God – for everything!?


D.      Appears Only When There is No Competition (2Chr 5:11,14)


1.        The priests now move out of the Holy of holies

2.        Only the Ark is in there now

3.        And that is when God’s glory shows up

4.        Why?


a.       Because there can be no “power sharing” (Isa 42:8)

b.       That is what got Lucifer kicked out of heaven

c.       That is what ruins churches today – everybody wanting the glory

d.       The sooner we get out of the way, and let Jesus get all the glory, the sooner He shows His glory. That’s why it important to deal with idols


5.        How hard is it for you to decide whether to watch TV for 6 hours, or read your Bible, and pray for our missionaries, and your preacher, and the folks in this church?

6.        How much competition does lust and filth in your mind offer to God?


E.       Appears Only Because of God’s Promise (2Chr 6:1-11)


1.        God’s glory appears in the life of a believer only because God wants it to

2.        You see, God should only stay separate from His creation


a.       It is only natural

b.       It is only right – He is very different from us


3.        Yet God so wants to be with us – to be our life

4.        So God makes it possible – through a promise that he intended to keep


a.       By way of grace

b.       By way of a sacrifice – the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ!


5.        The purpose of this message is to stir up your minds to remember God’s promises about wanting dwelling among His people – it is HE who wants to dwell in us! AMEN!


F.       Appears Only Where Prayer is Natural (2Chr 6:12-14a)


1.        That’s why Jesus got so mad in John 2

2.        He wanted God’s presence to be manifested once again, but it was hindered by profit margins, and the people, and the powers of religion

3.        Folks, prayer MUST become much higher on our priority-list if we want God’s power, and His presence manifested through us!


G.       But Appears NOT Only for the Elite (2Chr 6:33; 1Kg 8:60)


1.        God wants the whole world to know Him, and to see Him

2.        That is a major theme of the Old Testament the Jews seemed to have missed (Num 14:21; Hab 2:14)

3.        It MUST not be so that New Testament believers miss it as well!

4.        Whole generations pass on around self-centred Christians who only want to see miracles, and the glory of the Lord for themselves, not through themselves.


IV.    Conclusion/Applications – What’s the Big Deal? (2Chr 7:1-3)


A.      If you are a Christian, Your Body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit

B.       If you are saved, your life is a looking glass for others

C.       God so wants to manifest Himself first in you - to show you he is there

D.      God then wants to shine beyond yourself on into this world


1.        He already has in so many ways – through preaching, the Bible, miracles

2.        The best way is through the changed lives of believers


E.       It is when we seek God’s glory through our lives that the world gets turned upside down!

F.       How would you like to attend a church where God shows up for each and every meeting?

G.       How would you like to spend every meal, fully aware that Jesus is with you, and is pleased to be with you at your dinner table, and in your conversation?

H.      How would you like your prayer time, and Bible study time to be alive with passion, and power?

I.         So let’s determine to have the following things active


1.        Starts with an invitation – salvation starts it off – not fire without wood

2.        Compliance

3.        Praise – it is most necessary to spend lots of time thanking and praising God – for your salvation, and every little thing

4.        No Competition – get rid of self, and all idols in the life

5.        Look for the fulfilment of God’s promises

6.        Make prayer natural – it ought not be hard for a Christian to pray

7.        Let your life be a light in this dark world – your relationship with God should show!