Driving Our Stakes Deeper

What EVERY Christian Needs to Be Doing to Stand in this Evil Day

Various Scriptures


DATE: 11 Nov, 2001  AM          PLACE: BBC Blarney


I.         Introduction (Luke 6:46-49)


A.      Two houses – two different foundations

B.       Same storm – same vehement wind and rain

C.       Only one remains standing at the end of the storm – the one with the deep foundation

D.      Celtic Tiger is fading into history – good times come, and they go – storms usually take their place

E.       It’s time that we, like the builder in Lk 6:48, digged DEEP, and planted our “tent-stakes” so-to-speak, so that Christians are able to experience the promises of God concerning life (Isa 54:2; 1Cor 15:58; Gal 5:1; Eph 6:11). The modern way of saying it is “digging our heels in!”

F.       If we don’t, we will go the way of a whole lot of others in history (Ps 12:1; Job 3:26)


II.       Message – Driving Our Stakes Deeper


A.      Driving Our Relationships Deeper (Philp 3:8-10)


1.        As we know, according to Mt 18:16, JESUS is the Rock of our foundation

2.        There had to be a day where we decided to dig DEEP into that foundation, and lay our lives in ITS strength

3.        Paul’s primary goal of life was the keeping his relationship with Jesus deep – what am I talking about?


a.       Not lip-service – something that is just an act  (Mt 15:8) - superficial

b.       Instead, it is to be like stated in Mark 12:30


1)       With ALL the heart – enthusiasm, joy, passion, desire (Ps 37:4)

2)       With ALL thy soul – emotion

3)       With ALL thy mind – enquiry

4)       With ALL thy strength – intensity


c.       As a Christian, each of us, has to drive the stake of our relationship with Jesus deeper – or the pull of the world will win


1)       Examples


a)       Shallow stakes in a storm – tent collapses

b)       Shallow times with the Lord – saved yes, but very little love for the Lord, the life collapses – the world will see to that!


2)       Paul’s challenge to everyone around him was only, BE OF GOOD CHEER, for I BELIEVE GOD!


4.        You have THREE relationships that need to be FIRMLY established – it means our relationships must be DEEPLY set – a permanent bonding


a.       In Jesus – counterfeit is “more religion” and more church


1)       Personal relationship with Jesus produces Salvation (Ps 40:1-3)

2)       It also produces such joy (1Jn 1:3,4) – John was dying!


b.       In your family


1)       Marriage VOW – a BINDING agreement before God

2)       Starts with keeping yourself pure before marriage -

3)       With your mate – he or she is FIRST – more important than the kids, the job, or even the church people

4)       With your kids – God gave you them as stewards – they need a deep relationship with you – it has always been that way!


c.       In your church (1Pet 4:8)


1)       God places His children into Bible believing churches – at least that’s what He WANTS to do (Acts 2:47)

2)       God expects His children to STAY, and dig DEEP in that church

3)       Our best friends are supposed to be found here (Jesus died for His friends (Jn 15:13; Eph 5:25)


B.       Driving our Commitments Deeper


1.        Commitment means, dedication to something bigger than yourself

2.        Yes, we need to be committed to our relationship with the Lord Jesus, and to our family, and to our church

3.        But we also need to be committed to:


a.       The will of God for our lives – not as easy to love God’s will, as it is to love His Son!

b.       The word of God to this world – not constantly changing the message to fit the people

c.       The work of God in winning the lost – we must never “sell-out” on God’s way of winning the world (1Cor 1:17,18)


4.        There are four levels of commitment, as shown in the life of Paul


a.       Stirring (Acts 17:16)

b.       Pressed (Acts 18:5)

c.       Purposed (Acts 19:21)

d.       Bound (Acts 20:22)


5.        Paul constantly was driving his commitment to the Lord, and to the winning of souls deeper, and deeper


C.       Driving our Nourishment Deeper (Cf 1Cor 3:1,2)


1.        When we were children, we were spoon fed, and fed milk – it was right

2.        As we grew, it came time to eat some meat, and start feeding ourselves

3.        Normal course of the world today


a.       Junk food – lots of liquids (coffee, and minerals, tea)

b.       No time for home-cooked meals

c.       Eating cereal at night (Kelloggs has been very effective advertising)

d.       So, in churches, they want MILK, and spoon feeding

e.       So many churches are full of BABIES who don’t WANT to grow up

f.        MEN, and WOMEN want to grow - babies want to eat, sleep all day


4.        Mature Christians, who want to grow, work hard at feeding time


a.       Josh 5:10-12 Israel had been fed Manna for 40 years. Now it was time to work, and feed yourself!

b.       We need to work hard at learning how to FEED ourselves throughout the week

c.       And we need to feed our families, and our children, in such a way so that they ALL have their own relationship with God, and feeding time with the word of God – AMEN!

III.     Conclusion


A.      What does all this result in? Real Safety, Sanity, Stability


1.        Ps 4:8

2.        Ps 55:22

3.        Pr 1:32,33

4.        Pr 18:10 – run DEEP into the tower

5.        Pr 21:31


B.       So, how can a Christian know SAFETY, SANITY, STABILITY in real life?


1.        By having a foundation that is Christ

2.        And then, by digging DEEP into that foundation in three areas


a.       Relationship – to Know

b.       Commitment – to Go, and then Go some more, and then some more

c.       Nourishment – to Grow


C.       It all doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by choice – what is your choice?


1.        Respond with an accepting heart – and be saved

2.        Respond with a repentant heart toward the Lord who loves you, and seek the safety that comes from a deep, rich, and personal relationship with the Lord!