John 1:29


PUPPETS:            Sally, and Pastor

PROPS:            Little Lamb


Sally:    Good morning Pastor Craig!

Pastor:  Good morning Sally! Iím so glad to see you in Sunday School today! How are you coming in your Bibil reading these days?

Sally:           (Laughter) Just grand! I am reading the go-spell of Street John!

Pastor:  What?

Sally:    The go-spell of Street John! Iím in chapter One, and I have a question for you!

Pastor:  Just a minute: ďgo-spellĒ? You must be talking about ĎGospelí! That means GOOD NEWS! And ĎStreet Johní? Oh, you mean Saint John, one of the Lordís Disciples! You sure have a time with names donít you?

Sally:    Oh well! Anyway, the question is, why is Jesus called the Lamb of God here in John 1:29?

Pastor:  Thatís a good question Sally! The answer is in the ten commandments. Do you remember the ten commandments?

Sally:    Oh yes! Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt clean up thy room, thou shalt not kick thine sister...

Pastor:  Well, uh... Anyway. Can you keep from breaking any of those commandments?

Sally:    No I cannot! I try, but boy do I mess up! I try not to lie, but I still tell people things that arenít true, and I am so sorry!

Pastor:  Thatís good Sally - we ought to be sorry when we break Godís commandments. But being sorry wonít pay for the sin. Right after God gave Moses and the children of Israel those 10 commandments, He then told them to get a lamb. And when they broke a commandment, they would have to bring that lamb and ask God by faith to accept its death in their place

Sally:    Like a substitute!

Pastor:           Exactly! Now, when God told them that, He knew that one day, He would send His only begotten Son to this earth to die in our place

Sally:    Just like that lamb!?

Pastor:  Right! Jesus became THE Lamb of God that would take your and my sin away just by simple faith!

Sally:    Iím so glad Heís my Lamb!

Pastor:  Yes, so am I Sally! So am I!

Pastor:  Is Jesus your Lamb today? Has He taken away ALL your sins, and forgiven you?