PUPPETS:       Gerry, and Pastor

PROPS:           Gerry dressed up as Abraham

GOAL:             Review with the kids Abraham study


Gerry:  Oh, Hello there!

Pastor:  Good morning Gerry! I’m so glad to see you today here in Sunday School!


Gerry:  Can you guess who I am dressed up as?

Pastor:  Uh, an angel?


Gerry:  HAH, me an angel, come on. Try again!

Pastor:  Right. Uh, maybe Albert Reyolds?


Gerry:  NO no no no no! I am a Bible character! Try a BIBLE character!

Pastor:  Oh, OK! Uh, are you Moses?


Gerry:           Getting warmer!

Pastor:  How about King David!


Gerry:  Nope! Try again!

Pastor:  Well, how about giving us some clues!


Gerry:  OK! I am an old man!

Pastor:  We figured that out! How about something else.


Gerry:  OK. I have a wife.

Pastor:  Lots of Bible characters had wives. I still don’t know!


Gerry:  I grew up in Ur

Pastor:  Ur?


Gerry:  Yep! Ur! Great place. Had a chipper place down the road from my house

Pastor:  I still am not sure who you are.


Gerry:  Well. I was called the friend of God!

Pastor:           (Turning to audience) Anybody know who he is?


Gerry:  I had a wife too.

Pastor:  Does anyone remember what her name was?


Gerry:  I had a nephew with me.

Pastor:  Who knows the nephew’s name?  (Lot)


Gerry:  God made a very special promise to Sarah and me one day!

Pastor:  Does anybody remember what that promise was? (That they would have a baby)


Gerry:  When God told Sarah and I we did something that we are very sorry that we did

Pastor:           Anybody know what he is talking about? (Abraham and Sarah laughed at God)


Pastor:  Who knows why they would laugh?   (Ab was 99 years old and Sarah was 90)

Gerry:  BUT! God did just what He promised and gave us a bouncing baby boy. And do you know what God told us to name him?

Pastor:  Who knows?  (Isaac - Laughter)

Pastor:  Very good everyone! What is the lesson that we learned from Abraham and the birth of Isaac - That there is nothing too hard for the Lord! What God promises He will do! Thank you Gerry, Uh, I mean, Abraham!