PUPPETS:       Gerry (old man), and Sally

PROPS:           None

GOAL:             To make Jesus the Greatest Attraction!


Sally:        Wow! Can you imagine?

Gerry:        Yeah! It sure is neat! Two years!

Pastor:        What are you two talking about?

Sally:       The fact that we are two years old today!

Pastor:        Thatís right! Both of you are two today! Happy anniversary!

                 Do you remember when you two came here the first time?

Sally:       Sure do!

Gerry:        Yep! I remember well!

Pastor:     God has been so good. So many have heard the Gospel here, and have turned their lives over to Jesus Christ! Do you remember our Holiday Bible Clubs?

Sally:       Oh yes! It is always so much fun - we really enjoy those!

Pastor:        There is another one coming up in July!

Gerry:     I can't wait!

Pastor:        Sally, what do you like best about church?

Sally:        (thinking) HmmmÖ The tea and biscuits!

Pastor:     You know, with all the fun, and the excitement, and the tea and biscuits, the real reason why we have so much joy as Christians is because of Jesus! HE is the big deal about church! He loves us so much!

Gerry:        Enough to die for us on the cross, and take us to heaven when we die!

Sally:        Yeah, and enough to give us Mommy's and Daddy's, and the Bible!

Pastor:     And enough to give us each other! Two years in Mallow! It's a miracle!

Gerry:     Heh, heh, heh. And we are just getting started!

Pastor:        That's right! We have a lot more growing to do!

Gerry:        Yep! We all need to grow, don't we preacher?

Sally:        Well, at least you are always growing OLDER Gerry!

Gerry:        Thatís not funny Sally!

Pastor:     Hey! Remember - it is not about you and me - it is all about Jesus isn't it?

Sally:        You're right pastor!

Gerry:        That's very true! I want to hear some more about Jesus today!

Pastor:     You bet! Right after our Tea and Biscuit break!

Sally:       Oh Boy!

Sally and Gerry:        Bye everybody! Happy anniversary!