PUPPETS:       Gerry, and Sally

PROPS:           None

GOAL:             To show that being cool (walking in darkness) can be dangerous!


Gerry:        Good morning Sally!

Sally:        Good morning! Is that you Gerry?

Gerry:     Yes, of course it's me! What's wrong? Can't you see me?

Sally:        Well, yes, and no! I see something, but with these sunglasses, I can't tell WHO or what things are!


                 Sally walks along and stumbles into something


Sally:        Ouch! I have bumped my knee five times so far today!

Gerry:        Sally, why are you wearing those sunglasses around here?

Sally:        Because it's COOL! Everybody is wearing them! Don't you think I look cool Gerry? All my friends tell me I do!

Gerry:     Uh, well, I dunno…


                 Gerry walks around Sally and tries to get a good look at her from different angles. Sally keeps looking in the same direction not knowing that he has moved away


Sally:        Well, anyway, I think it is cool to walk in the dark… hey, where did you go?

Gerry:     I'm right here.

Sally:        Now stop that! Stay still! You make me nervous when you move like that!


                 Sally moves toward him and bumps into something again


Sally:        Ouch! Now THAT really hurt!

Gerry:        Sally, I got to tell you… this walking in darkness bit is dangerous! Did you know that the Bible tells us that we are supposed to walk "in the light?"

Sally:       It does?

Gerry:     Yes. In Ephesians 5:8 "For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light."

Sally:        What does that mean?

Gerry:     It means that we learn and obey God's word, and let Jesus guide us instead of our friends!

Sally:       But, but, is it cool to follow the Bible?

Gerry:        Sally, being a Christian means not worrying about "being cool." It is better than being a fool, constantly bumping into things, and hurting yourself, and sometimes not even knowing WHO you are talking to


                 Sally takes off her glasses


Sally:       I think I want to walk in "the light." It really is a whole lot better!

Gerry:        Good! I think so too! Now, let's go find out what they are teaching in Sunday School class today!


                 Sally and Gerry head away