Props:                       Compass; a sheet of poster with a compass drawn on it.  See page 37 for patterns.


Larry Low:                Hi! My name is Mr. Larry Low. I am very excited to have you all here today. We have a big job ahead of us.  We have to help my friend Marty Mountaineer prepare for his grand summit climb.  Yes, Marty is going to hike up a mountain! (Looking around.) I wonder where Marty is?

Marty Mountaineer:   Here I am! Oh, oh, oh, I got lost-again!

Larry Low:                How could you get lost? You have a compass!

Marty Mountaineer:   (Looking at his compass) Is that what it is? It has an arrow, three letters, and a number on it!  But, I don't know what the letters and number are for.

Larry Low:                What are you talking about?

Marty Mountaineer:   Well, the letters are Z, M. S, and the number 3. How are they suppose to tell me where to go?

Larry Low:                Marty, I think I have something to help you learn how to use a compass. (Points to the poster board compass.)

Marty Mountaineer:   Hey, that looks just like my compass - only bigger! (Pauses, then talks with determination and confidence.) Hey… with that BIG compass, I can climb a BIG mountain! Then I'll never get lost!

Larry Low:                Your compass is just the right size!  But you need to know how to read your compass!

Marty Mountaineer:   But, I CAN read it - it has three letters and a number on it!

Larry Low:                No Marty.  They are all letters.

Marty Mountaineer:   Huh?

Larry Low:                The "3" is a capital E.

Marty Mountaineer:   Oh.  Okay so now I have an E, Z, M, and S. I still don't know what it says. oh wait-yes, I do!  MEZS (mee-zes).  Me-zes and You-zes!  Now that I can read it - what does MEZS mean?

Larry Low:                Marty. The Z is an N. It just is sideways.

Marty Mountaineer:   Oh.  Then it says MENS. (Pauses) Unless, the M is not an M.

Larry Low:                It's a W.

Marty Mountaineer:   A W? Is the S an S?

Larry Low:                Yes.

Marty Mountaineer:   Ok, so now |I have a compass that says "WENS" (whens)?  Whens what?

Larry Low:                It's not a word.  Those are initials.

Marty Mountaineer:   What do the initials stand for?

Larry Low:                Directions. The letters stand for North, East, South, and West. You know - They're directions like left and right, up and down.

Marty Mountaineer:   (Holding up his left hand) I know this is my right hand. (Pauses) Or is it my left.

Larry Low:                Marty Mountaineer, that is your right hand.  A compass lets a mountaineer, or hiker, know what direction he is going.  By following a compass, a hiker can hike mountain trails without the fear of getting lost.  A compass guides the hiker in the right direction.

Marty Mountaineer:   Hmmmm. I may not know how to read a compass, but I do know how to follow directions from the best Guidebook there is!  Jesus said that His Word, the Bible, will direct, and guide my path!

Larry Low:                That's right!  The Bible is just like a compass.  It tells us how to follow Jesus - our Leader!

Marty Mountaineer:   I am going to go and study using my compass. I'll come back again to learn more about hiking the heights! (Begins to leave, but heads in the wrong direction.)

Larry Low:                (Calls after Marty.) Marty, we need to leave this way! (Turns to the audience) We will see you all again tomorrow!