AUTHOR:        Craig Ledbetter

PUPPETS:            Sally, and Sean

PROPS:            A Newspaper for Sally, and Banana for Sean


Sally is busy looking at a newspaper, and sees Sean come to her, and looks up at him as he gets close.


Sally:      Hey Sean!

Sean:     Hi Sally! What’s you looking at?

Sally:      Did you read the news about that RESCUE up in County Clare?

Sean:     No! What happened?

Sally:      A girl slipped and fell 35 feet down the side of the cliffs there! She was hurt bad!


Sally keeps looking at the paper, and is quite for 30 seconds – Sean gets frustrated.


Sean:     So…? What happened?

Sally:      I’m not telling!

Sean:     What do you mean you are not telling? You started it, and now you won’t tell what happened?

Sally:      I’m just not telling. It’s not important anyway!

Sean:     NOT IMPORTANT?! Sally, if someone falls and hurts themselves, and it looks like a bad situation, I want to know how it all turned out! So tell me, what happened in the end?

Sally:      Ok. Well, she got home.

Sean:           Whew, good! I’m glad for that. But HOW?

Sally:      Oh, alright. A big helicopter came and dropped two strong men down onto the ledge she was holding onto, and they put this rope around her, and lifted her up into the helicopter.

Sean:     Wow!

Sally:      Her Mum and Dad were so afraid – the older brother went and rang 999

Sean:     Good thinking!

Sally:      Now she is back home, and will be back in school next week. Like nothing ever happened!

Sean:           Double Wow!

Sally:      Yeah? So what?

Sean:     What do you mean so what? Are you brain dead or something? What if that were you?

Sally:      I think I would just climb back up on my own. I wouldn’t need a big helicopter.

Sean:     Sally, sometimes, the messes we get ourselves into are too big to get out of ourselves. We NEED rescuers! It’s so great to have Coast Guard helicopters, and parents, and even older brothers!

Sally:      I guess so!

Sean:     Of course so! Sally, that’s why Jesus came!

Sally:      What do you mean?

Sean:     Jesus came to be OUR rescuer! He came to SAVE us from our sin, and give us the gift of eternal life! All so that we could really live, and really enjoy life!

Sally:      Oh! I understand now! I kind of wasn’t thinking about it happening to me, but if it did, I think I would want TWO helicopters to make sure I was safe and back with my family!

Sean:     Well Sally, God came HIMSELF, and died on the cross so that you could one day, be with HIM in heaven. He came to be everyone’s rescuer! He loves us so much! I let Him come into my heart and rescue me last year at Bible Club!

Sally:      I’m going to pay more attention to the Bible stories this time, and see just how much God loves ME.

Sean:     Good. Now maybe we could go climb that big tree we have been wanting to all spring! What do you say?

Sally:      Uh, not yet Sean. I climbed that with you last year. I kind of like it right here, on the ground, where it is safe, and solid, and secure.

Sean:     Ok Sally. See you tomorrow! Sean walks off stage, then says, “Watch out for the banana…”

Sally:      Boy do I like it now where I am safe and secure! Sally walks and then slips on a banana skin. And says, “Ahhhhhhhh!”

Sean:     Sean finishes what he started saying, “…Skin!  Oops! Are you Ok Sally?” Sally moans.

Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church
Blarney, Co. Cork
Mallow, Co. Cork