PUPPETS:       Gerry, and Pastor

PROPS:           None

GOAL:             To show what happens at the resurrection!


Gerry:        Good morning everybody!

Pastor:        Good morning Gerry! What are you going to teach us about this morning?

Gerry:     Heh, heh. I am going to show everybody what happened 2,000 years ago on this very day! Resurrection Sunday!

Pastor:        Really?! How?

Gerry:     You are going to help me (heh heh) - and together, we can all learn what “resurrection” means!

Pastor:        Great! What do I do first?

Gerry:        Nothin’! Just listen.

                 Boys and girls, I am a puppet, right? So, what makes me alive? What makes me talk and move? That’s right - a hand inside me!

                 What happens when you take that hand out? (no more life - Gerry is then left limp on the stage)

Pastor:     I get it! Our skin, and our bodies are like puppets. Something has to be inside. God calls that something the SOUL!

                 But when we die, the SOUL leaves the body, and the body has no more life. The SOUL lives on, either in heaven with Jesus, or in hell with the devil.

                 Until… (Pastor places his hand back inside the puppet) …the resurrection!

Gerry:     Ta da! Heh heh! When the preacher put his hand back inside me, I can move again, and talk again, and sing again. That’s what happened at Christ’s resurrection! His body died on the cross and went into the grave. And three days later, He got up out of the grave!

Pastor:     And where does He live now Gerry?

Gerry:     In heaven?

Pastor:        That’s right! And in my heart, because I ask Him to live there as my Saviour! And even though this body may die, one day it will live again, all because Jesus defeated death, and brought to us everlasting LIFE!

                 Thank you Gerry! That was a great lesson! Wasn’t it boys and girls?!

                 Bye-bye Gerry!