Ready Puppets, or Winner Puppets


Pastor:      Hey guys.  Today is the last day of Bible Club.

Sally:      Yeah, I know.  I had a lot of fun. 

Jerry:    Me too.  It was fun singing the songs.

Pastor:      Well, Iím glad you had fun, but I hope you learned something.

Sally:    I know I learned something!

Pastor:      Oh?  What did you learn?

Sally:    I learned that you need to read the Bible and pray every day. 

Jerry:      And the Bible is a training tool for the Christian race, but you have to read it, not lift it. And to get in shape for the Christian race, you need to pray and read your Bible every day.

Sally:    I also learned that you have to run and honest race.  And you have to run by Jesusí rules.  You canít cheat. 

Jerry:    I learned that there are many obstacles in the Christian race.  But, you canít go through them, you have to jump over them.  But, you canít do it without Jesusí help.

Pastor:      Like what kind of obstacles?

Sally:      Like bad friends that want you to do bad things and get out of the race.

Jerry:      And the devil trying to make you go the wrong way.

Pastor:  I can see that you guys learned a lot this week.

Sally:    We did!  And Iím making an important decision in my life.

Pastor:      You are?

Sally:      Yes, I am going to start going to church.  And telling people about Jesus. And Iím going to read my Bible and pray every day.

Pastor:      That is a very important decision.

Jerry:      Yeah, we want Jesus to be pleased with us.

Sally:    I want Him to say to me, ďWell done, thou good and faithful servant.Ē Like He did in Matthew 25:21.

Pastor:      You have made a very wise decision.  I hope that you will stick with it.