PUPPETS:       Gerry, and Sally

PROPS:           None

GOAL:             To Make Jesus Your Very best Friend


Sally:    (Sad, looking down) Oh me... Humph

Gerry:  Oh, Hello there! Hi Sally! How are you?

Sally:    OK, I guess.

Gerry:  Boy! You sure look discouraged! Whatís wrong?

Sally:           Nothing. I just want to be left alone.

Gerry:  Oh no you donít.

Sally:    Oh yes I do!

Gerry:  No you donít!

Sally:    Yes I do!

Gerry:  Cut it out Sally! Now really - whatís wrong?

Sally:    Oh... I just don't have a friend in the world!

Gerry:  Oh really! Are you sure about that?

Sally:           Everybody has time for everyone else. And I am here, all alone. Yep! Not a friend in the world!

Gerry:           Maybe thatís your problem!

Sally:    What?

Gerry:  You need to meet a Friend that really loves you; that will never leave you or forsake you; that wants to go with you wherever you go; that wants to take walks with you everyday!

Sally:    That kind of a friend doesnít exist!

Gerry:  Oh yes He does! And He is a wonderful Friend!

Sally:    I didnít know that you had any friends!

Gerry:  Of course I do! But this Friend is not just any old  Friend - He is MY best friend!

Sally:    Oh... You must mean Jesus!

Gerry:  Yep! Did you about Him?! He didnít forget about you! He is right here - right now!

Sally:           Youíre right! I did forget about Jesus! You know, ever since I asked Jesus to save me from sin, I only thought of Him as God. But from now on, Jesus is going to be MY very best Friend!

Gerry:  Amen! heh, heh, heh, Amen! Thatís what He wants!