PUPPETS:            Sally, and Gerry

PROPS:            Button for Sally saying “I Love Sunday School!”; a big Bible


Gerry is standing, and humming a Bible song.

Sally comes onto stage and is so excited after just coming from Sunday School.


Gerry:           Hmmm mmmm, Hmmmm, mmmm!

Sally:           “Thhhhhe B.I.B.L.E.! Yes THAT’s the Book for ME! I stand alone on the Word of God, the B.I.B.L.E.! The BIBLE! Yeah!

              Oh, Hi Gerry! I didn’t see you there! How are things?

Gerry:   Great Sally! And that sure is a great song you’re singing! Where have you been?

Sally:     I just came from Sunday School where we learned some great things from Jesus!

Gerry:   Oh, I just love learning about Jesus! What did you learn today?

Sally:     Well, there was this old guy named Ni-cod-omos, who came to ask Jesus a lot of questions. I think he was a bit confused though.

Gerry:   Ni-coda-WHO?

Sally:     Ni-cod-omos. See, here it is right in the Gospel of John, chapter 3!


Gerry looks at the open Bible in Sally’s hand, and is shaking his head in disbelief. But before he cane say anything, Sally continues talking.


Sally:     And no matter what Jesus said, this guy always took him wrong. You know, he misunderstood Jesus about everything! You would think old folks would have more sense!

Gerry:   What was Jesus trying to tell him?

Sally:     Oh that’s easy! Jesus said we all need to get born amen!

Gerry:   Sorry?

Sally:     You know, BORN, AMEN!

Gerry:   I don’t think Ni-cod-omos was the only one confused about what Jesus said.

Sally:     I know, there were lots of people called “Dews” who had long beards, and followed Jesus around, and wanted free food, and Nintendo games and stuff, but they never really wanted to be “shaved.”

Gerry:   Say that again!?

Sally:     You know, shaved, S.H.A.V.E.D.!

Gerry:   This can’t be real! Sally, did you really pay attention in Sunday School today?

Sally:     Of course I did! Both me and Sarah and Fiona talked about everything the teacher was saying all the way through. Of course, I couldn’t always hear the teacher as much as I could hear Sarah.

Gerry:   It figures. Listen Sally. I think you need some help – a lot of help! First of all, it is not Ni-cod-omos, but Nicodemas! And yes he was an old man, and a very devout religious man, but according to Jesus, he was a very LOST man.

Sally:           Really?

Gerry:   Yes Sally. But Jesus loved Nicodemas, and told him about being born AGAIN. And it is something that happens to you while you are still alive – something that happens deep in your heart, when you give all your sins to Him, and ask for SALVATION. It’s all FREE at His expense you know!

Sally:     You mean, what Jesus did for Nico-DEMAS was all for FREE?

Gerry:   Yes, Sally. Free free! It’s called being SAVED, not shaved. Saved from our sins, and from hell, so that we can have God’s eternal life right now!

Sally:     I think I was a bit confused there.

Gerry:   I think you were more than just “a bit” Sally. But what do you think now?

Sally:     I think Jesus sure is great to care about me, and want ME to be with Him forever!

Gerry:   I agree! That’s why I love Him most of all! I was like Nicodemas – I had all sorts of questions, and lived most of my life very religiously, but I never knew God’s forgiveness, and love, until I repented, and cried out to Jesus, to come and wash all my sins away! I have never looked back since!

Sally:     That’s neat Gerry! I can’t wait until next Sunday – the teacher said he was going to be teaching on how the whale was in Jonah’s belly for 40 days and  40 nights!

Gerry:   I sure would like to hear about that one Sally!

Sally:     (As they both start heading off stage, and lowering their voices). Oh, I already know all about it. You see Jonah has to build this ark called the Enterprise and sail where no man has gone before…