PUPPETS:            Sally, and Pastor

PROPS:            Small Bible for Sally, and Big Bible that has words, HOLY BIBLE on it


Sally:    Good morning Pastor Craig!

Pastor:  Good morning Sally! How are you this morning?

Sally:    Fine, thank you!

Pastor:  How do you like Sunday School so far?

Sally     Oh! I just love it! And Iím ready!

Pastor:  Ready for what?

Sally:    Ready for when we open our Holie Bibils and let God speak to our hearts

Pastor:  Our Holie Bibils? What is a Holie Bibil?

Sally:           Huhhhh? What (shuddering)? YOU donít know what a Holie Bibil is? Oh my, we are in trouble! Oh my, my, my!

Pastor:  Now Sally, calm down. Just tell me what this Holie Bibil is.

Sally:    Only THE most important Book on earth!

Pastor:  Huh?

Sally:           Pastor! Iím ashamed of you! How did you become a Pastor and all that if you donít know anything about the Holie Bibil?

Pastor:           (Looking funny at Sally) Sally?... Are you talking about THIS Book right here? (holding up a Bible)

Sally:    Yes, yes! Whew! Thatís right, see - the HOLIE BIBIL!

Pastor:  Oh, Hah ha! Sally!

Sally:    Yes?

Pastor:  This is the HOLY  B-I-B-L-E! The very word of God!

Sally:    Huh! The HOLY BIBLE?! Oh! Iím so sorry! I thought it said, HOLIE BIBIL!

Pastor:  Thatís alright. And you know what? You were right Sally! This IS the most important Book on earth! Can you tell us why?

Sally:    Well, because it tells us of Godís love for us and how He came to die in our place on the cross so that we could be completely forgiven of all our sins, and go to heaven to be with Him forever and ever!

Pastor:  Amen to that! Well, how about sitting down, and letís sing one more hymn just before we open our ďHOLIE BIBILSĒ and learn some more from Godís word about sin, and salvation!

Sally:    Amen!