Props:                       Road maps.


Marty Mountaineer:   (Enters juggling the maps.  He is holding several maps in his arms.  He is trying to read an open map while walking.) Let's see, this road leads to ... I don't know!

Larry Low:                (Taking some of the maps from Marty Mountaineer.) Let me help you with these.

Marty Mountaineer:   Thank you. I am trying to find the way to go. it is all very confusing.

Larry Low:                Maybe I can help you.

Marty Mountaineer:   Would you?  That would be great!

Larry Low:   First off, where are you going?  This map is of __________ (name the location), and this map is of             (name the location), and this map ... wait a minute.  All these maps are for different places!

Marty Mountaineer:   So.

Larry Low:                Where do you want to go?

Marty Mountaineer:   I want to hike up a mountain!

Larry Low:                Okay, then most of these maps won't help you.

Marty Mountaineer:   Why not?

Larry Low:                Because they aren't of mountain trails.

Marty Mountaineer:   Oh.

Larry Low:                Do you have any maps of mountain trails?

Marty Mountaineer:   Uh, no.

Larry Low:                No?

Marty Mountaineer:   I thought that any map would show me how to get there. I picked out some really pretty ones. (Chooses a map and opens it up.) See this map.  Look at all the lines. There are red lines and blue lines.

Larry Low:                That is a very nice map of            (name the location), but that doesn't help you know the right way to go.

Marty Mountaineer:   Let me get this straight.  Even though I have a map.  It doesn't mean that I know the way to go?

Larry Low:                Yes.

Marty Mountaineer:   What do I do?  I want to make sure I get to the top of the mountain.

Larry Low:                You need the right map.  A map of mountain trails.  But first you must choose the mountain you want to hike.  Then we can get the right information.

Marty Mountaineer:   Will there be only one way to the top?

Larry Low:                No. Sometimes there are many trails, or paths, to the top of a mountain.

Marty Mountaineer:   How will I know which trail to take?

Larry Low:                Follow the mountain guide!

Marty Mountaineer:   Oh. I guess that would be a good idea. it would be better if there was only one way to the top.

Larry Low:                Did you know that Jesus says that He is the way.  Not one way-but the way?

Marty Mountaineer:   He is the way to where?

Larry Low:                Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

Marty Mountaineer:   There is only one way to Heaven?

Larry Low:                Yes, the only way to Heaven is to believe in Jesus Christ.  That's what the Bible says.

Marty Mountaineer:   So our Bible is like a compass, a light, and a map.

Larry Low:                Yes, and we should learn what the Bible says so we can follow Jesus.

Marty Mountaineer:   I'll go put these maps with the lamp and all my books. I am almost ready to hike up a mountain!

Larry Low:                Bye everyone.  We'll come back again.