Making Friends



AUTHOR:    Craig Ledbetter

PUPPETS:       Gerry, and Sally

GOAL:             To Make Jesus Your Very Best Friend


Sally:    Oh Wow! Wow! Oh Wow! Would you just look at all these potential FRIENDS! Let’s see, if I just have enough, I could make him, and her, and her and him and her, Oh, I could have all these people following me, and liking me, as my NEW FRIENDS.

Gerry:  Hi Sally, uh, what are you doing?

Sally:    Just a minute Gerry… Let’s see, at 10 euros each, I could buy 10 new friends today!

Gerry:  Sally?

Sally:    Hi Gerry! I am running kind of low on friends lately, and I have started saving my money so I could replace them!

Gerry:  How do you expect to replace your old friends?

Sally:    Easy! Offer each one 10 euros each to like me, and play with me, and do the things I like to do – you know, be my friend!

Gerry:  Are you kidding me Sally?

Sally:    Uh, is that too low a price? Ok, how about 15 euros?

Gerry:           FIFTEEN Euros!!!?

Sally:    Oh, all right – I’ll make it 20, but that’s my final offer!

Gerry:  Sally! You can’t BUY friends!

Sally:           Really? It’s worked all the other times!

Gerry:  It has?!

Sally:    Funny though – every time I ran out of money, they always seemed to disappear. But this time, I have a new job babysitting, so I shouldn’t run out of money.

Gerry:  Wait just a minute Sally. This is NOT going to work!

Sally:    Oh yes it is – at 20 euros a piece, I can afford 5 new friends today! Let’s see, I want the lady with the blue dress, the guy with almost no hair (I think he NEEDS a friend), and the…

Gerry:  Stop right there Sally! There is better way to get friends – in fact, it is the ONLY way!

Sally:    How’s that Gerry? Oh, I know, with a new hair-style – maybe green, huh? What do you think?

Gerry:  The Bible says, TO SIMPLY BE FRIENDLY! Listen to Proverbs 18:24, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly.” To get a friend, you first have to be a friend!

Sally:    I don’t understand – you mean, no trading, no boasting, no waving money in people’s faces?

Gerry:  No Sally! You could have more friends than you can handle if you’d just BE a friend to people!

Sally:    BE a friend?

Gerry:  Look around, and starting finding out what somebody else likes to do, and then do it with them – don’t always expect them to do things only with you!

Sally:           Hmmmmm. Sounds rough. I like my idea better. What if I paid 25 euros?

Gerry:  Tell me again Sally – how many friends do you have today?

Sally:           (sighing) None. I guess my way isn’t working. Is there a THIRD option here?

Gerry:  I’m afraid not Sally. But the Bible has more to say about the friends we choose. You see, the best kind of friends, are those that love Jesus most of all – it is they who will love you, even when you are bold, and selfish, and have no money!

Sally:    Wow! I would like a friend like that?

Gerry:  Jesus died to show you He wants to be your friend, and your Saviour from sin. He loves you.

Sally:    I know He does Gerry! I asked Jesus to save me a few years back, but I never thought of Him wanting to be my friend! Wow! I already have a friend – one that loves me more than anything!

Gerry:  That He does Sally! And because of Jesus, you can have a lot of new friends! Real friends!

Sally:           You’re my friend too Gerry, aren’t you? And you never cost me anything!

Gerry:  Well, you WERE supposed to buy me that ice cream last week, remember!?

Sally:    Wait a minute! It was YOU who was supposed to buy the ice cream!

Gerry:  I know! Just kidding – how about you and me going and getting that ice cream right now!

Sally:    Ok – and tell you what! After that, I want to play what ever YOU want to play! Thanks Gerry!

Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church
Blarney, Co. Cork
Mallow, Co. Cork