Lost Puppets


Jerry:  Boy, I know Iím late, but nobody is going to recognize me.  I hope I didnít miss too much.

Sally:        Yeah, theyíll never recognize us!  By the way, who are you?

Jerry:  Iím Jerry.  Who are you?

Sally:   Oh! I wouldíve never known it was you! Iím Sally. Hey, I like your mask.

Jerry:        Thank you.  I like yours too.

Pastor:        Where have you guys been?  And why are you wearing masks?

Sally:        Weíre here for the Big Face Party.

Jerry:        yeah, it took us a while to find masks, since itís not Halloween, yet.

Sally:   why isnít anyone else wearing a mask?

Jerry:        Yeah, how come they arenít wearing one?

Pastor:        Because, itís not a Big Face Party.  Itís a big race.  And you missed everything!

Jerry:  We missed all of it? 

Sally:        Every single bit?

Pastor:        Yep, you sure did.

Sally:   So, what did you learn?

Pastor:        We learned how the Christian life is like a race.


  Jerry and Sally turn and look at each other.


Jerry & Sally:        Tell us more.


  PastorContinues to tell the puppets what the kids learned that day.


Pastor:        So, Iíll expect you to be here tomorrow on time.

Jerry:  We will. Promise.

Pastor:        Oh, and no masks.