Props:                       Stack of books.


Marty Mountaineer:   (Enters carrying a stack of books.) These are heavy!

Larry Low:                (Looking at Marty Mountaineer) What are all those books for?

Marty Mountaineer:   So I know what to do. (Picking a book out of the stack and looking at it.) I need this book for telling me what animals I might see on my mountain hike. (Picking another book out of the stack and looking at it.) This book is about all the trees and flowers. (Picking another book out of the stack and looking at it.) And this book has more animals in it.

Larry Low:                You want to take all those books with you?

Marty Mountaineer:   Yes.

Larry Low:                And when you want to know something, you will stop and read all the books?

Marty Mountaineer:   Yes.

Larry Low:                Don't you think it would be better to read the books before you take your hike?

Marty Mountaineer:   But, I can't remember everything!

Larry Low:                Start with one book.  You are going on a mountain hike.  So pick out one book on mountains.  Read that book.  After you finish reading it, read another book.

Marty Mountaineer:   I will start with a book on mountain animals. I want to know all about the mountain animals I might see.

Larry Low:                That would be a good place to start.

Marty Mountaineer:   Let me think. I might see a mountain lion, a bear, or a hairy yak. I could even see a golden eagle.

Larry Low:                many animals live on mountains.

Marty Mountaineer:   There are too many.  Maybe I should carry all the books with me on my hike.

Larry Low:                Marty Mountaineer, there are times when we can't carry books with us.  We need to learn or memorize things that will help us.

Marty Mountaineer:   What do you mean?

Larry Low:                Well, do you have your Bible with you?

Marty Mountaineer:   (Pauses.) No.

Larry Low:                There are times when we can't carry our Bible with us.  That is why God tells us something very special in Psalm 119:11, "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee."

Marty Mountaineer:   Oh, I need to memorize, or learn, Bible verses so I'll know what to do-even when I don't have a Bible with me!

Larry Low:                That's right.

Marty Mountaineer:   Knowledge-it's an inside thing!

Larry Low:                Yes!  We need to know what the Bible says so we can do what Jesus wants us to do.

Marty Mountaineer:   I need to know what the Bible says because it is my compass and my light!

Larry Low:                You are learning many things.  Soon you will be ready to hike the heights!

Marty Mountaineer:   Time for me to go read some books. I need to have inside knowledge about mountains!

Larry Low:                Bye kids!