Jobís Hope

This is about the confidence that knowing the resurrection is true can give you, even in the worst of Troubles!

A Puppet Skit by Craig Ledbetter

Sally:    Hello Gerry! Long time no see!

Gerry:  Hi Sally! Yes, it has been too long!

Sally:    Well, what are you doing this morning, all by yourself?

Gerry:  I was just sitting here thinking.

Sally:    About what?

Gerry:  Well, I was reading in the Gospel of Matthew about Jesus rising from the grave, and I remembered something that Job said.

Sally:           Really? What does Job have to do with Jesus?

Gerry:  Iíll read it to you. It is amazing. ďFor I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth.Ē Thatís Jesus standing here on earth as King in the future. But it gets better!

Sally:           Really?

Gerry:  Yes. Listen to this? ďAnd though after my skin, worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:  Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold

Sally:    How long ago was the Book of Job written?

Gerry:  About 4,000 years ago!

Sally:    Wow! Thatís 2,000 years before Jesus was even born!

Gerry:  And yet, Job knew in his heart of hearts that even though he would die, he would live in his body again, and would live to see God with his own two eyes! Job believed in the resurrection!

Sally:           Double wow!

Gerry:  Thatís what I said, and thatís when you walked in.

Sally:    Iím sorry to have interrupted you

Gerry:  No, no, you didnít interrupt me. You just reminded me that the fact that Jesus is alive, needs to not only be thought about, but talked about and preached, and spread all over the world!

Sally:    But a lot of people donít believe that Jesus is alive! They think that all the trouble in their life proves He is not in heaven, and doesnít care.

Gerry:  I know. But Job had troubles too.

Sally:           Really? What kind of troubles?

Gerry:  Every kind of troubles. According to the Bible, all his kids were killed; all his crops were burned; all his health was gone; all his cattle were stolen; and all his property was destroyed.

Sally:    Thatís a LOT of troubles!

Gerry:  Thatís right. But in the midst of all that darkness in his life, Job held on to something precious to him.

Sally:    His blanket?

Gerry:  No silly! He was holding on to his confidence, his faith that he would win in the end. That he would outlive all his troubles, and that he would live with His Redeemer Ė his Saviour Ė Jesus!

Sally:    I am so glad for Jesus being MY Saviour!

Gerry:  Me too! And I am so glad that no matter what troubles we may go through, we will stand with Jesus, who conquered death, and hell, and old age, and sin, and the devil, and Ö

Sally:    And milk!

Gerry:  And MILK?

Sally:    Yeah, Mom says that Jesus gives us living water. I hate milk.

Gerry:  Hah, hah, hah, heh, hah!

Sally:           Speaking of milk, I better go. I am supposed to be home for lunch soon!

Gerry:  See you again soon Sally!

Sally:    God bless, Gerry!


Sally walks one way away


Gerry:           Hmmm. And milk huh? Never thought of that? I better go find some lunch too! Bye everybody!


Gerry walks off stage in the other direction