PUPPETS:            Gerry, and Pastor

PROPS:            Bat, Ball, a bunch of candy!


Gerry:  Good morning Pastor Craig!

Pastor:  Good morning Gerry! Iím so glad to see you today here in Sunday School!

Gerry:           Always glad to be here!

Pastor:  What did you bring today?

Gerry:  Oh just some candy!

Pastor:           Candy? Hmmmmm  mmmmm! Are you going to eat it?

Gerry:  Yep! Right here and now! Yessiree! I canít wait to taste this delicious soft candy!

Pastor:  Wait a minute Gerry! Didnít your doctor say no more candy due to your stomach problems? Are you sure that you want to eat that candy?

Gerry:  Yep, I sure am! I donít care what my doctor says! I can do anything that I want!

Pastor:           (Looking at the audience) Is that right everybody? Can Gerry do anything he wants?

              (Waits for good reponse)

              Thatís what I thought.

Gerry:  But, but... Humph!

Pastor:  So... are you still going to eat all that candy Gerry?

Gerry:  Nope, nosiree!

Pastor:           Youríe not! Well, why not?

Gerry:  I changed my mind! I decided that I had better obey the doctor - he knows best!

Pastor:  Did you know something Gerry? That is exactly what repentance is like: changing your mind. Deciding to quite rebelling and only doing what YOU wanted to do, and doing instead what God wants you to do! A complete change of mind. Let me demonstrate with this ball here!


              (Demonstrate the ball going one way, and then when hit, it going the exact opposite way)


              Thatís repentance - from sin (disobedience, rebellion, stealing) to God and asking his forgiveness!


Hand out the candy to audience who sat still during the lesson!