Hurt Puppets


Jerry and Sally are running a race with obstacles.  Instead of jumping over them or running around them, they run through them.


Pastor:      What are you guys doing now?

Jerry:      Weíre running another race.

Sally:      Yeah, except this one has obstacles.

Pastor:      Why do you have band-aids on your face?

Jerry:      Well, running through the obstacles is kind of painful.

Sally:      Yeah, we have a lot of cuts and bruises.  Wanna see?

Pastor:  No, thatís ok.  But, didnít you know that you are supposed to jump over the obstacles, not go through them?

Jerry:    We are?

Sally:    Oh, we didnít know that.

Pastor:      Well, in the Christian race, there are obstacles along the way.  These obstacles can be many things.

Jerry:      Like what?

Pastor:      Well, the devil can be an obstacle.  He can persuade us to do things that would cause us to quit the race.  He can also confuse us by telling us the wrong way to go.

Sally:    Are there any more obstacles?

Pastor:      Yes, there are.  There are many more.  With Jesusí help you can go over  the obstacles that are in the way.

Sally:      Well, jumping over them sounds a lot less painful then running through them.