Happy Anniversary



PUPPETS:       Gerry (old man), and Pastor

PROPS:           None

GOAL:             To make Jesus the Greatest Attraction!


Pastor:        Wow! Can you imagine?

Gerry:        Yeah! It sure is neat! Four years!

Pastor:        Thatís right! We are four years here in Mallow today! Happy anniversary!

                 Do you remember when you came here the first time?

Gerry:        Yep! I remember well!

Pastor:     God has been so good. So many people have heard the Gospel here, and have turned their lives over to Jesus Christ! Do you remember our Holiday Bible Clubs?

Gerry:     Oh yes! It is always so much fun - we really enjoy those! A bit tiring for these old bones sometimes though.

Pastor:        There is another one coming up in July!

Gerry:     I can't wait!

Pastor:        Gerry, what do you like best about church?

Gerry:        (thinking) HmmmÖ The Jaffa Cakes!

Pastor:     You know, with all the fun, and the excitement, and the Jaffa Cakes, the real reason why we have so much joy as Christians is because of Jesus! HE is the big deal about our church! He has done so much for us!

Gerry:        Enough to die for us on the cross, and take us to heaven when we die!

Pastor:        Yeah, and enough to give us all the promises of the Bible!

Gerry:     And enough to give us a bunch of other Christian brothers and sisters! It's a miracle!

Pastor:     And to supply our every need. God is so good!

Gerry:     Heh, heh, heh. And we are just getting started!

Pastor:        That's right! We have a lot more discovering to do!

Gerry:        Yep! We ainít seen nothing yet have we pastor?

Pastor:     Not at all Gerry! Faithfulness has its rewards! And God has a way of blessing us beyond our wildest dreams

Gerry:     I had a dream last night pastor.

Pastor:     Oh yeah, about what?

Gerry:        About you preaching to a bunch of puppets, and you used a human to teach us something from the Bible.

Pastor:     And, how did it go?

Gerry:        Terrible. The human kept interrupting you, squirming, complaining and making funny faces.

Pastor:        Thatís terrible! Well, I am so glad you donít do that!

Gerry:     No. But I wouldnít ever!

Pastor:     Hey! Remember - it is not about you and me - it is all about Jesus isn't it?

Gerry:        You're right pastor! That's very true! Can we hear some more about Jesus today?

Pastor:     You bet! Right after our COFFEE, Tea and Jaffa Cake break!

Gerry:     Oh Boy!

Pastor and Gerry:        Bye everybody! Happy anniversary!