Confused Puppets


Sally:      Hey Jerry.  This is a really good workout. 

Jerry:      Yeah, it is.  But, Iím starting to get tired.

Sally:      Youíre getting tired? 

Jerry:    Of course I am!  Arenít you? 

Sally:    Iím getting there.  After this what are we going to do next?  Some pushups or what?

Pastor:      What are you guys doing?

  Jerry and Sally stop lifting the Bibles.  Both are out of breath and breathe heavily.

Jerry:    We are training for the Christian race.

Pastor:      Thatís good, but why are you lifting the Bibles?

Sally:    He said that the Bible was a training tool. 

Pastor:      Yes, he did.  But, I donít think that he meant that you had to lift Bibles.

Jerry:    He didnít?

Sally:      What did he mean?

Pastor:      Well, the Bible is a training tool, but you are supposed to read it every day.

Jerry:    Is that all?

Pastor Well, you need to pray every day, also.

Sally:    So, to get in shape for the Christian race, we need to do what?

Pastor:  To get in shape for the Christian race, you need to read your Bible and pray every day.

Jerry:    Oh, and then we do the pushups and setups.

Pastor:  No, no, no!  You donít need to do that stuff for this kind of race.  All you need to do is read your Bible and pray every day.

Jerry and Sally:      Oh!