Props:                       Compass; lamp; flashlight; stack of books; road maps; a step ladder; a backpack,


Marty Mountaineer:   (Enters trying to carry the compass, lamp, books, maps, and ladder Puts down the "gear" and calls out.) Larry.  Larry Low. @ Low, I need your help!

Larry Low:                (Hurrying to help Marty Mountaineer.) Marty Mountaineer, what are you doing with all this stuff?

Marty Mountaineer:   I am packing for my mountain hike.

Larry Low:                But I thought we said you didn't need some of these things.

Marty Mountaineer:   I just wanted to make sure!  Could we go over the checklist, please.

Larry Low:                Okay.  Let me help you carry this stuff.


(Both carry the "gear' to the platform.  Remember, Larry Low will not get up on the platform.)


Marty Mountaineer:   (Walks up on the platform and puts down his gear.) Okay, now I know I need a compass.  It tells me what direction I am going.

Larry Low:                Very good!

Marty Mountaineer:   Next is the lamp. (Looking toward Larry) Are you sure I won't need a lamp.  It has a bright light!

Larry Low:                Do you have an extension cord that will reach to the top of the mountain?

Marty Mountaineer:   I knew I forgot something!  You wouldn't have one by chance?

Larry Low:                I don't have an extension cord long enough.  You will have to leave the lamp at home and take the flashlight.

Marty Mountaineer:   I have the flashlight. it will light the path I walk. it will also let me read all my books!

Larry Low:                Speaking of which, I thought we had decided that you should take only one or two important books with you.  The rest you were going to read before you left.

Marty Mountaineer:   Oh, yeah. I forgot.  Okay, so only one or two good books. I guess you won't let me take all the road maps.

Larry Low:                Where do they lead you?

Marty Mountaineer:   Many places!  I can go to                         (name a location) or                   (name a location).

Larry Low:                Aren't you going mountain climbing?

Marty Mountaineer:   I guess these maps will lead me in the wrong direction.

Larry Low:                Yes, they will.

Marty Mountaineer:   (Climbing up the ladder) And my ladder, it won't let me climb to the top of a mountain, so I shouldn't take that either.

Larry Low:                That is right.

Marty Mountaineer:   What should I take?

Larry Low:                (Pulling out the backpack.) I have something for you. (Gives Marty Mountaineer the backpack.)

Marty Mountaineer:   (Climbing down the ladder) Wow!  What a neat backpack.  Will you help me pack it with all the right things for my mountain hike?

Larry Low:                I'd be happy to.  The first thing to pack is your Bible.

Marty Mountaineer:   Because it is like a compass, a lamp, and a map. it tells the only way to Heaven. it also guides, or shows, us the way to live.  Even though I have learned some of the things in the Bible, it would be good to have the Bible with me.

Larry Low:                Let's go start packing your backpack!

Marty Mountaineer:   I have a great idea-why don't you come with me on my mountain hike?!

Larry Low:                Uh, no thank you.

Marty Mountaineer:   But you know everything about hiking up mountains! (Pauses) Wait a minute.  You won't come up here on the platform.  Your name is Larry Low. (Pauses) You don't like heights!

Larry Low:                Uh, well, I'd rather be down low. I like it where I am.

Marty Mountaineer:   I'll go hike up a mountain and come back and tell you all about it!

Larry Low:                That's a great idea. We'd better get started on that packing.  Bye everyone.  It was great to be here.

Marty Mountaineer:   Thanks for helping me get ready for my mountain hike!

Larry and Marty:   Keep following Jesus-because JESUS LEADS THE WAY, ALL THE WAY!