Cheating Puppets


Sally and Jerry are running a race.  But, instead of running it by the rules, they run it by cheating.


Sally:      Hey look, Jerry!  Thereís an eagle.

Jerry:      Where?


  Jerry stops to look for the eagle.  When he notices that there wasnít an eagle, he catches up with Sally and tries to trick her the same way. 


Jerry:    Oh wow, Sally!  Look at that cool car! 


  Sally stops to look for the cool car.  When she notices that there wasnít a cool car, she decides to try something a little different.  She catches up with Jerry and trips him.  He falls.  Then he catches up with Sally and trips her.


Jerry:    Ha! Ha!  Ha!  I got you back!

Pastor:      What are you guys doing?


  Sally and Jerry stop running and talk to Bro.


Sally:    Iím trying to win the race.

Jerry:      Yeah, me too!

Pastor:      Look like you are cheating to win.

Sally:      Cheating?  Uh...I donít know what you are talking about. 

Pastor:      You guys are tripping each other and saying to each other, ďHey look at          that!Ē  just to get in front.  That would be considered cheating. 

Sally:    Oh, that!  Well, I just want to win. 

Jerry:    Me too!  I donít like to lose.

Pastor:      Nobody likes to lose, but you canít cheat. You need to run the race honestly.  If you win by cheating, then you really didnít earn whatever prize that is at the finish line. 

Jerry:      Well, yeah. But, if we donít cheat, we might lose. 

Pastor:  But, you might not lose.  You have to run the Christian race by Godís rules.  You have to run like Jesus would run.