Cain and Abel Puppet Skits - 2012 Bible Clubs

There are two main characters Denis and Sophie his sister

Denis pops up and begins the Bible Club

 Day 1 Monday

Hi Everybody! Welcome to this year's Bible Club.

Who knows the name of this year’s Bible Club? – (wait for response) Right! God’s Way the Best Way!

We are going to learn about two brothers – Does anybody know their names? (Wait for response) Cain and Abel! Right!

I can’t wait to learn about God’s Way which is all…ways the Best Way!

Hey thought I would let you know I have a sister named Sophie - She’s alright, I guess, as far as sisters go. Anybody else have a sister?

I will be bringing her to Bible Club tomorrow, I hope. She doesn’t go to Sunday school like I do! She is not saved like me either. I pray she would be though!

Maybe if she sees the Bible Club is fun and we still learn about God then maybe she will come to Sunday school and see how much we learn about God there too!

This week we will learn about Right / Wrong; Good / Bad; Obeying / not obeying; Telling the truth / lying; and the Best thing of all is the ONE Way to Heaven - through Jesus Christ. Do you know there is only One way to Heaven? Its God’s Way the Best Way - Jesus!

I want to see my sister Sophie saved! Even though she is sometimes my bratty sister she needs to be saved and only believing in Jesus Christ as Saviour can do that! Do you have family who need to be saved?

Hey, wait a second; do you know what it means to be saved? (Wait for some kids yelling answers) Well, this week we will find out as we look at the life of Cain and Abel!

Would you all like to know HOW to go to heaven? Then pay attention to the leaders!

Hey, you know what else we are going to do?  (We have a cool craft we are making) (The craft will be held up and shown to the kids - you must follow the leaders)

But that’s not all we sing songs, learn Bible verses, memorize verses, play games, and learn lessons from the life of Cain and Abel. So, what do you all want to do now?

I know what I want to do - Get this Bible Club going and having some fun and learn how “God’s Way is the Best Way”  Bye everybody see you tomorrow!















Tuesday - Day 2 Puppet Skit Bible Club -2012

Denis and his sister Sophie pop up

Denis – Hey everybody welcome to day 2 of Bible Clubs. ‘God’s Way is the Best Way’. I want you to meet somebody – It’s my sister Sophie. I told you I would try to bring her today.

Sophie - Hey everyone! My nerdy brother said you can actually have fun here at the Bible Club. Is that true? Can you have fun here? Ok, then I’m looking forward to it.

Denis - We also do a lot of other neat stuff like singing, Memory verses and the craft and even Bible teaching time.

Sophie  -  Bible teaching? Why Bible teaching?

Denis – Duh! It is a Bible Club! What do you think we would be doing here? Ice skating!

Sophie - Oh, yeah! You actually have a point there nerd ball!

Denis – Nerd ball!  Ok, ok, I have decided to be nice to you this week… I have my reasons.

Sophie - You have to be nice or I’ll report you to the “Nerd Police” hahaha! Oh, by the way who is in charge of this Club?

Denis – Well, there is a whole group of people who put a lot of work in to the club, but really without me this thing is going down.

Sophie - You got to be kidding me. If this club depends on you it’s in big trouble. Hahahaha!

Denis – Very funny! Well, anyway I let the man on the crutches think he is in charge. As you can see he has problems just walking without messing something up.  Even a couple of other men named John and Eric think they are kind of leading things but I just let them think so. Yep, this is my Club.

Sophie - So, this whole Club rests on your itty bitty shoulders? This club is doomed!

Denis – First of all ‘ Miss porridge for brains’ I have been lifting weights and my shoulders are getting bigger and bigger.

Sophie - Oh, really well if you are so strong how come you can’t pick up your socks in your room that are all over the floor?  Haha!

Denis – Well, you have a point to Sis. To tell you the truth Someone a whole lot Stronger and smarter than us is really in control of the Club.

Sophie - Yeah, and who would that be. Spiderman…. Batman.  hahahaha

Denis - No my dear bratty sister – It is the Lord!  God Almighty!  Jesus Christ!

Sophie – oooooh! Denis if mum heard you she wouldn’t like you lying!

Denis – Who’s lying? The people here putting on the club trust in the Lord for everything! Most of all they trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

Sophie - Oh, so now it comes out. Your real motive for wanting me here. You want me saved like you. Right?

Denis – Well, er, ah, errrrr, ahhhhh…

Sophie – Come on pip squeak spit it out! Tell the truth, why did you want me here?

Denis – Yes, you are right Sophie. I wanted you here so you could hear how to be saved! I admit it. I want you to go to heaven!

Sophie – What if I told you pip squeak I already think I am going to heaven.

Denis – Really, and why do you think you are going to heaven?

Sophie – Because if you think you are going to heaven then I must be going to heaven because I do more good things than you do.

Denis – I KNOW I am going to heaven but not because I am good or do good things, but because I trusted Jesus as my Saviour.

Sophie – Ok, I have heard about this but I am not convinced!

Denis – ok, then just listen to the teachers and the Bible verses and learn HOW to be saved. Alright everybody let’s have a Bible Club. See ya later! Bye, Bye!

Wednesday – Day 3 Puppet Skit Bible Club – 2012

Sophie – Hi kids how are doing today? Are you all ready to have fun? Denis my brother was right. Don’t tell him I said that because his head will get real big! So, anyway….

Denis - Hey everybody! Day 3 is underway and I am excited about what’s happening today. Oh, by the way Sophie I heard you say that “I was right”

Sophie - yeah so big deal! I had a temporary loss of control. Even the great ones make a mistake now and then.

Denis – No mistake sis you did have a good time at the Club, didn’t you?

Sophie – All things considered I did.

Denis – All Things? What things?

Sophie – Well, for one thing yes it was fun and I learned some things also. But, there was also some weird stuff about sin and those poor little lambs having to die and blood shed yuk! Where do they get all this stuff?

Denis – The Bible Sophie, the Bible! It is all true, every word. God loved Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and us today soooooo much that He has made a Way to be saved from our sin.

Sophie – Well, I still have a ways to go before I believe all this stuff.

Denis – Alright Sophie what is you can’t believe just yet?

Sophie – Ok, so everybody is a sinner right. You mean all my friends? Mom and dad? Church people? All are sinners? Me too right!

Denis – Yes all of us are sinners. We do wrong things. I can prove it.

Sophie – Ok, pip squeak go ahead.

Denis – Well, Sophie Have you ever told a lie?

Sophie – Well, maybe once, just a little white lie.

Denis – You lied Sophie. White , blue, green, black – you lied. So, what do we call people who lie?

Sophie – Errr… People who lie! Hahaha….    Alright Liars!

Denis – Right Liars!  Now, have you ever taken anything that wasn’t yours? Remember Sophie I am your brother and live in the same house with you. I do have a bedroom that you have gone into and shall I go on…

Sophie – Alright pip squeak! I took your ?

Denis – Yes, and you broke it and then lied about it. Right!

Sophie – Right! Your point?

Denis – With just two questions asked I have already established that you are a lying thief.  Should we go on and see if you always honoured mom and dad. Never took the Lord’s name in vain. You broke the commandments of God., Sophie.  The Bible says if you break one commandment you have broken them all. Do you really think you should go to heaven because you soooo good?

Sophie – Do I have to say you are right TWICE in one day?!

Denis – I am right because the Bible is right! Sophie we sin because we are sinners. We just do what comes naturally.  Apple trees produce what kind of fruit?

Sophie’s – Grapes….. Apples of course!

Denis – So Sinners – sin.  Sophie you are a sinner!

Sophie – Ok, I am not perfect and nobody is, now what?

Denis – Glad you asked we are going to learn about Someone Who was and is perfect. Jesus Christ! Never sinned, not once!

Sophie – Alright I am listening, ok! Can we have some fun too?

Denis – Absolutely! Hey kids are you ready to have some fun?  Are you ready to learn about Jesus? Ok then I will see you tomorrow. Bye

Sophie – Bye Bye Bye



Thursday – Day 4 Puppet Skit Bible Club – 2012

Denis – Pops up out of breath

Denis – Hello my friends! Whew! Wow! I live farther away than I thought! I ran all the way over here because I wanted to get here before Sophie! I wanted to tell you all, that she is asking questions! I have some answers but I hope the teachers help me out today also. Really cool watching God work in Sophie’s heart. Oh, I hear her coming shhhhhh!  Ahem! Well, er…

Sophie – Hey Kids! What are you stuttering about pip squeak? You blew out the house like a tornado! What was the hurry?

Denis – I wanted to get to the Club first to welcome everybody here today!

Sophie – Yeah, whatever. So, how does today’s Bible Club shape up? Yesterday was pretty cool and I learned some neat stuff about Cain and Abel and Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. I gotta admit Jesus must really love us!

Denis – Yes, I am sure He does. Not only does the Bible tell us God loves us but…

Sophie – But, God showed us He loves us, right pipsqueak?

Denis - That’s right Sophie! That is what I have been trying to tell you. That is what we learn in Sunday school. You know the place I have been trying to get you to come to.

Sophie – Yes, little bro. I know and guess what?

Denis – What? Don’t tell me you are finally going to pay me the five euro you owe me?

Sophie – No nothing crazy like that! This Sunday I might make my first appearance at the Sunday school. Now, they aren’t going to do any weird stuff I need to know about?

Denis – No Sophie nothing weird just singing, memory verses and a lesson with a craft and stuff and sometimes a game.

Sophie – Ok, then you can expect me to check it out! Maybe!

Denis –Maybe? I will be looking forward to it. You’re going to love it just like you love the Bible Club.

Sophie – Who said they loved the Bible Club?

Denis – You did Sophie, last night at the dinner table. Remember mom and dad almost fainted!

Sophie – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, So, is that why you ran over here before me to gab to everybody that I was asking questions and stuff?

Denis – Well, to be honest yes! I am really excited!

Sophie – Well, calm down little brother I am not mad or angry with you. We have found out what can happen when we let anger take over our behaviour.

Denis – That is why Sunday school and Bible Clubs are so neat. Where else could we learn all this neat stuff; and it is all true!

Sophie – Got to go with you on that one Denis. This is the real thing.

Denis – Denis, Denis, did you just call me Denis? Aww! Sis I love you too! (Reaches out to give her a big hug)

Sophie – Easy there pip squeak, maybe I was hallucinating or something.

Denis – You heard her didn’t you kids? (wait for response) She called me Denis!

Sophie – Alright, alright, I called you Denis. Don’t let it go to your head.

Denis – Ah, you are alright Sophie! You got to admit you are turning into a big marshmallow. A big softie. A big mushy pillow, a big….

Sophie – Ok, enough with the big and mushy stuff, onto the Club. Today is day number 4 right? Right, so we have to finish up the craft and get ready for the final day tomorrow right? Right! Things look like they are shaping up for a day of learning and fun, right? Right! Then let’s get going! Right? Right!

Denis – Right! Ok, everybody we are signing off till our last day with you all tomorrow. Have fun, listen to the teachers and adults so you can learn and have fun! Did I say that already, have fun? I think so. Oh, well Bye

Sophie – Bye see you later!

Friday – Day 5 Puppet Skit Bible Club – 2012

Denis and Sophie – Hi Kids! This is the last day of the Bible Clubs!

Denis – Wow, where did the week go? Didn’t we just start this Club? I am having way too much fun to stop now.  What do you think Sophie?

Sophie – What do I think? I’ll tell you little brother exactly what I think. I think this Bible Club was the best! I mean really the best!

Denis – Why is that Sophie? That isn’t like you to get too excited over learning about God and Jesus Christ. What happened did you hit your head or something?

Sophie – No pip squeak I didn’t hit my head on something, and I am not crazy or losing my mind; though you definitely have lost your mind on more than one occasion. No, little bro. I simply have had something wonderful take place in my life. Would you like to hear what it is?

Denis – Hey everybody would you like to hear what happened to Sophie? (Wait for response, and say it again for a greater response)

Sophie – Well, here it is, “I got saved last night.  I received Jesus Christ the Lamb of God as my personal Saviour. After really listening to the teachers, and going over the memory verses I finally saw myself as God sees me. I saw that I was a lost sinner who deserved to pay for my sins in hell but that God loved me and sent Jesus to take my place there on the Cross. Cain and Abel just showed me that God only has One way to be saved, Jesus. I believe now that God’s Way is the Best Way! I am saved!

Denis – Aha! Told you there was something different about you! I knew it; I knew it just as sure as I am at this Bible Club. You have Jesus living in you and that makes you different!

Sophie – I am different – I have peace and joy in my heart like never before!

Denis - Now, Sophie let me ask you a question. When you die where will your soul spend eternity?

Sophie – In heaven little brother with Jesus and aaaaaaa……. You. Now I want to ask you a question.

Denis – Fire away my “born again” sis!

Sophie – What do you think you and I need to do most of all?

Denis - Well, that could be a lot of things like pray, read the Bible, live right… but I think I know what you mean. We need to pray for mum and dad and be the best Christian son and daughter we can be so they can see Jesus in us.

Sophie – Exactly! Heaven sure could be a little sweeter with mum and dad there. So, we have to make that our goal, ok pip squeak?

Denis – Ok, Sophie! We will work together to get the message out to our mum and dad and our friends. What do think about that? Got a deal?

Sophie – Deal squeak!

Denis – Oh, and Sophie two more things.

Sophie – Yeaaah…. What’s that?

Denis – Would you be going to church on Sunday and… could you stop calling me pip squeak?

Sophie – Whew! Hmmmm! Ok, Pip squeak er… I mean Denis, that’s a yes on both questions!

Denis – Great! Well, let’s get on with the Club and finish this week strong, what do you say kids? (Wait for a response and repeat for them to yell)

Sophie – Hey Kids if you need to talk to someone about getting saved today is the day! Don’t wait!

Denis – Ok take it away God’s Way the Best Way!

Sophie – Absolutely, Denis! God’s Way the Best Way!

Denis and Sophie – Bye see you all on Sunday!  Bye, Bye, Bye!