Pastor:  Hey! Itís Space Man Spud! The first Irish astronaut! How are you today?

SMS:    Oh, Iíve been better!

Pastor:  I can tell. How did you get all wet? What happened to you?

SMS:    Itís kind of embarrassing.

Pastor:  Go on.

SMS:    Well, you remember what Leonna taught us yesterday?

Pastor:  About Jesus walking on the water?

SMS:           Thatís right. And do you remember that she said ONLY Jesus could walk on water?

Pastor:  Thatís right. Only Jesus could walk on the water.

SMS:    Well, I didnít believe her.

Pastor:  Oh really!? So what happened?

SMS:    I Ö uhÖ drove down to the river in my fancy Spud-Mobile, and then I uhÖ tried to walk across.

Pastor:  You mean SWIM across donít you?

SMS:    UhÖ no. I mean, I tried to walk across. You see, since Iím Space Man Spud, I thought I could do anything!

Pastor:  And you found out that you canít!

SMS:    How did you know?

Pastor:  You ARE kind of wet you know!

SMS:    Oh yeah. I forgot.

Pastor:  So what have you learned?

SMS:    That Jesus CAN do ANYTHING. Heís really awesome! If He can walk on the water, then He is GOD!

Pastor:  He can do a lot more than just walk on the water!

SMS:    What else can He do?

Pastor:  He can hear, and answer all our prayers at once. He fed 5,000 people at one time with just five loaves of bread and a few fish fingers. He gave blind men the ability to see again. And He resurrected people back from the grave!

SMS:    Wow! Nothing can be better than all that!

Pastor:  Not true! There is something even greater than all of that put together.

SMS:           Whatís that?

Pastor:  He took the place of every boy and girl on the cross for all our sins, so we could be forgiven, and go to live with Him forever!

SMS:    Wow!

Pastor:  Pretty neat isnít He? Thatís why He is MY Saviour!

SMS:    I donít understand this Saviour part yet?

Pastor:  Stay out of the water, and keep coming to Bible Club, and you will my friend.

SMS:    Iíll do that. I canít wait to see what else Jesus can do! And Iíve learned my lesson too Ė from now onÖ Iím using my Spud-Boat to cross any river. See you all tomorrow!