Space Man Spud Ė Overwhelmed! Ė Day Four

Pastor:   Hey! Look whoís back! Itís Space Man SPUD! Hi Spud! Hey? Are you OK?

SMS:    Iím fine. Really I am.

Pastor:   What did you do? Crash your rocket?

SMS:    No.

Pastor:   You didnít try and walk on the water again did you? Remember what happened last time?

SMS:    No. I didnít try THAT again.

Pastor:   Did you eat a bad potato?

SMS:    I have never met a bad potato! I LOVE spuds!

Pastor:   Well, you havenít given up on being the first Irish astronaut have you?

SMS:    Oh no! I still desperately want to be an astronaut Ė the first Irish man in space!

Pastor:   Well, there must be something wrong! Iíve never seen you without your helmet!

SMS:    I know. I never take my helmet off. Not even in the shower!

Pastor:   Eww! Yuck!

SMS:    But you seeÖ it was Leonnaís lesson yesterday.

Pastor:   The one with Jesus on the cross talking to that other man on the cross?

SMS:    Yes. I went home and sat down with my Bible, and I read that story again. And then I read it again. And then again.

Pastor:   Well, what did you think?

SMS:    I realized that Jesus died for that thief, and even told him that that very day, even that thief would be with Jesus in paradise!

Pastor:   It was a great story.

SMS:    It was more than a story, because I am like the thief on the cross next to Jesus.

Pastor:           Really?

SMS:    Yes. For the first time in years, I took off my helmet. I bowed my head, and asked Jesus to come into my heart and make me His child!

Pastor:   You did? Thatís wonderful!

SMS:    I know! I canít believe that Jesus loved me that much!

Pastor:   Oh Spud! Being a Christian is better than being Space Man Spud isnít it?

SMS:    There is no comparison! But there is just one question.

Pastor:           Whatís that?

SMS:    When we go to heaven to live with Jesus, will we need rocket ships?

Pastor:   Sorry, but Jesus will take care of everything! We wonít need rocket ships at all in heaven!

SMS:    Good! Because my rocket ship mashed.

Pastor:   You mean crashed donít you?

SMS:    No, I mean mashed. Do you remember all those potatoes I stored in the top bin?

Pastor:   Yes?

SMS:    Well, they are all mashed potatoes now. And I need help eating them all? Any volunteers?

Pastor:   Count me out!

SMS:    Well, Space Man Spud signing off! Iíll see you all next year! God bless!