IntroducingÖ Spud!


Pastor:  Hey Everybody! Looks whoís coming? Itís Ö Space Man SPUD!

SMS:    Ta da!

Pastor:  Wow! Are you a super hero?

SMS:    Na! Iím just a super MAN (show off with how strong you are etc.)

Pastor:  Ok, ok, we get the picture! Well, what have you been doing lately?

SMS:    Lots of things!

Pastor:           Really? Like what?

SMS:           Building me a space ship! I have two BIG rubbish bins that I glued together and turned upside down, and made into a neat-o rocket ship.

Pastor:  Huh?

SMS:    Yep! And the top one is FILLED with spuds! Thatís my space food!

Pastor:  I guess you LOVE potatoes donít you!

SMS:    Yep!

Pastor:  Well, where are you going?

SMS:    Iím headed to the stars! I want to be the first IRISH MAN in space!

Pastor:  Oh really? Why?

SMS:    Iím going to find GOD!

Pastor:  You are going to find WHO?

SMS:    God? You know Ė heís the one that made the whole universe, so I am going to go out there and find Him!

Pastor:  Uh, Spud?

SMS:    Yep!

Pastor:  You wonít find Jesus out in space.

SMS:    I wonít?

Pastor:  Nope.

SMS:    Well, Where do I find Him?

Pastor:  In the Bible.

SMS:    In THAT Book? REALLY? (Spud starts looking in the Bible)

Pastor:  Yes. It tells us ALL about Jesus, and about His love for us, and most importantly, about how to become a Christian?

SMS:    Iím already a Space Man. Do I need to be a Christian too?

Pastor:  More important than being anything else, you need to trust the Lord Jesus as your Saviour!

SMS:           Hmmm. Well, Iíd still like to try out my rocket ship

Pastor:  Great! Come back tomorrow and tell us all about it!

SMS:    Iíll be here!

Pastor:  Weíll see you then Spud!

SMS:    Bye everybody!