Empty Spud

Pastor:  Hey! Looks whoís coming? Itís Ö SpaceMan SPUD!

SMS:    Ta da!

Pastor:  Wow! Itís great to see you again, Spud!

SMS:    Itís great to be here! I love Bible Clubs!

Pastor:  Hey Spud? How did your rocket ship go yesterday after Bible Club?

SMS:    First I had a late potato-launch!

Pastor:  You mean potato-ďlunchĒ donít you?

SMS:    No. I mean launch Ė My rocketship uses fuel made from Spuds, remember?

Pastor:  Oh yeah!

SMS:    Well, after that, I took off, and got way above the clouds! And it was amazing!

Pastor:  Wow!

SMS:    And then I got near the Moon for a while! It was awesome!

Pastor:  I bet it was beautiful to see!

SMS:    And then I headed out to Jupiter, and then Saturn, and then just out amongst the stars!

Pastor:  It must have been magnificent!

SMS:    Well, it was Ok.

Pastor:  What do you mean ďOkĒ?

SMS:    Well, out there, I saw how BIG everything was, and I got to feeling very small, and lonely. And, everywhere I looked, I saw what God had made, but I didnít see God.

Pastor:  I told you, didnít I?

SMS:    Yes. So I came back late last night, and fried up a dozen Spud-cakes. While I was eating them, I decided that I wanted to know God - so thatís why I am here again today! I want to learn more about Jesus!

Pastor:  Great! Well, you have come to the right place!

SMS:    I want to know what the Bible says about God, and His love for ME!

Pastor:  Itís all in the Bible, Spud? And in just a little while, Leona will be here teaching another Bible story and lesson!

SMS:    I canít wait! (Pause) By-the-way, pastor?

Pastor:  Yes?

SMS:    Do you think the Garda will mind me parking my rocketship on a roof?

Pastor:           Whose roof, Spud?

SMS:           Theirís? (Spuds hunches down, and looks around kind of worried) Oooops!

Pastor:  Iíd go and move it if I were you Spud! They donít like rockets on their roofs!

SMS:           Gotcha! Iíll uhÖ Iíll see you tomorrow!

Pastor:  Weíll see you then Spud!

SMS:    Bye everybody!