Digger David



Materials:       A book, a Bible, a chicken bone

David enters, reading a thick book.  From time to time he stops and intently studies a chicken bone, nods, and then returns to reading the book.  Pastor enters with his Bible.


Pastor:   Hey, David.  How are you?

David:    Oh, hi, Pastor.  I'm fine.  How are you?

Pastor:   I’m Great.  It looks like you're trying to find an answer to another one of your scientific questions.

David:    Yes, you're exactly right!  I've got this bone, and I'm trying to find out how old it is.  I think it might be a dinosaur bone.

Pastor:         Really?

David:    Yes, I've been studying this book, you see. And it tells all about Dinosaurs and bones and things.

Pastor:   Well, scientists have discovered lots of dinosaur bones.

David:         That’s right.  And after careful research I think this bone must be a “zip-zillion” years old!

Pastor:   How old?

David:    A zip-zillion!

Pastor:   I never heard of that number before.

David:    Well, actually I made it up, but I figure it's more than a million years old. So, it just sounds good to me.

Pastor:         Where did you find the information to help you figure this out?

David:         (Showing Pastor the book.) See here?  My bone looks sort of like the one on this page.  And the book says that the one on this page is 40 million years old.  Well, my bone is a quite a bit darker coloured than the one in the book, so I figure it must be older.  So I figure it's a zip-zillion.

Pastor:         (Looking sceptically at his friend.) David, God's Word, the Bible says that this earth is a whole lot younger than millions and millions of years old.

David:    It does? (Closing his book emphatically.)

Pastor:   Yes, David.  It does.  Here in the book of ...

David:         (Interrupting Pastor.) Ugh, I know.  You don't have to tell me.  In the Book of Beginnings, the Book of Genesis, right?!

Pastor:   Yes, the Book of Genesis says that God created the world in six days.  This world did not need millions and zip-zillions of years to get here.  This earth is just a few thousand years old, David.

David:         Wow! I should have read the Bible first. I would have found the scientific answer a whole lot quicker, huh?

Pastor:   Yes, you would have.  And you would have found more importantly, the truth, David, because God's Word is always true.  Now let me see that bone. (Pastor takes the bone, looks at it from different angles, and then sniffs it.) Hmmm, that's interesting.

David:         What?

Pastor:   Your dinosaur bone here ...

David:         (Excitedly.) Yes?

Pastor:   It smells.

David:         (Sniffs the bone.) Wow, that is interesting.  It smells just like my dinner last night.

Pastor:   What did you have for dinner last night, David?

David:    Fried chicken. 

Pastor:   You know what, David?

David:    What, Pastor?

Pastor:   I think you've got yourself a one-day-old fried chicken bone instead of a zip-zillion year old dinosaur bone!

David:    I think you're right, Pastor! And you know the best part? I think I have a Bible that I can trust to always tell me the truth!


Both leave the area.