Digger David



Materials: Bunch of bananas, books, a Bible

David is sitting at the front of the auditorium with a bunch of bananas and a stack of thick books.  David opens a book and begins to eat a banana.  As he eats, he reads.  Every now and then he smiles and nods his head, as if he's just figured something out.


Pastor:         Pastor enters and greets David.  Good afternoon, David.

David:    Good afternoon, Pastor.  How are you?

Pastor:   I'm fine.  And, How are you?  Hungry, it looks like!

David:    No, I'm not really hungry.  I'm just doing what comes naturally!

Pastor:   What do you mean "doing what comes naturally"?

David:         (Picking up the open book on the top of the stack.) Well, you see Pastor, this book says that you and I and all people came from monkeys.  And monkeys eat LOTS of bananas. Many, many millions of years ago ...

Pastor:   Wait a second, David!  Do you have your Bible in that big stack of books that you've got there?

David:    Uh, (Rummaging through stack clumsily.) Uh ... yes, it's here somewhere.

Pastor:         David, you've got to be more careful about the things you believe.  When you read something in a book, no matter what kind of a book it is, you've got to remember to compare it to the Bible.  The Bible is the truest book in the world.

David:    Oh yeah, I remember, because God wrote it and God can't lie!

Pastor:   That's right, David.  Now put those other books down and turn in your Bible to ...

David:    I know, I know, the Book of Beginnings, the Book of Genesis!

Pastor:   That's right!  You remember. Turn to Genesis chapter one, verse 27.  Read it for us.

David:         (Reads Genesis 1:27 aloud.) Wow, it says that God made “people.”

Pastor:   That's right.

David:    Well, then why do I like bananas so much if I didn't come from monkeys?

Pastor:         David, I like milk, but I didn't come from a cow. I also like carrots, but I didn't come from rabbits!  We like some of the same things that animals like to eat, but that doesn't mean that we are the same as them or that we came from them!

David:    Oh, I see.  It's really not all that complicated is it?

Pastor:         Nope!  If you believe God's Word, it all starts to make sense!

David:         Thanks, Pastor.  Do you want a banana?

Pastor:   Sure, thanks! Hey! Uhh, Have you got any carrots?