Digger David


Materials:       Umbrella, life jacket, Bible

David walks in carrying an open umbrella and wearing a rain jacket.  He looks around nervously as if expecting tragedy to strike at any moment.


Pastor:         Pastor enters.  Good morning, David.  What's up?

David:         (Looks up fearfully, jumps and says ... ) Where?  What?  What did you see-up?

Pastor:   No, David.  Nothing's up.  All I said was "What's up?"

David:    That's what I thought you said!  I've been looking up all day long.  And I'm afraid.

Pastor:   What are you afraid of, David?

David:    I'm afraid of a flood!

Pastor:   A flood?  But the sun is out. (if it's raining in your area, have Pastor say, 'But the weather man says it's supposed to stop raining tomorrow.")

David:    Well, I finally took your advice, Pastor. I started reading the Book of Beginnings, you know, the Book of Genesis?

Pastor:   Good for you, David!

David:    Yeah, but it talks about this great big flood, and I'm afraid I'm going to get caught in it! Do you know where a guy could get a really big boat?

Pastor:         David, how far did you read?

David:    Well, I read about this guy who built the ark.

Pastor:         Noah?

David:    Yeah that's his name, Noah.  So many people were wicked in those days. And then all the people who didn't believe God stayed outside the ark - and then it started to rain!

Pastor:   Is that how far you read?

David:    Well no. I read about how it rained forty days and forty nights, and the water got higher than the mountains!  That's when I went and got my umbrella and my rain jacket, and I have been looking for a boat ever since!

Pastor:         David, my friend, you didn't read far enough!  The rain stopped after the fourty days.

David:    It did?

Pastor:   Yes, and Noah and his family were saved because they believed God, and obeyed God.

David:         Really?

Pastor:   Yes, they were.  And God promised never to flood the entire earth with a flood again.

David:         (Putting umbrella down.) He did?  Wow! I really should have kept reading!

Pastor:   God's Word the Bible is always true, David.  You can trust it.  You can believe every word of it.  You just have to keep reading it! When God said that He'd never again flood the whole earth, He meant it.  There has never been another flood like the one you read about in Genesis.

David:         (Removing life jacket.) Well, I guess I won’t need to worry about the flood, will I?

Pastor:   I guess not! But David, I’d hold onto my umbrella if I were you

David:         Why’s that?

Pastor:         Remember – we live in Ireland! We still get “normal” rain.

David:    Oh yeah. And pastor, did you still want another banana? I think I have one left?


Both leave the area.