Digger David



Materials: Bottles or containers, water, green food colouring, Bible, a plant, piece of fruit

David enters with his science kit.  He sets up "shop' at the front of the auditorium and quietly gets to work mixing liquids (water with a drop of green food colouring).  He is intently concentrating on his work when Pastor walks in.


Pastor:   Hi there, David!  What are you doing?

David:    Oh, hi, Pastor.  I'm just finishing up a scientific experiment here.

Pastor:   Oh yeah?  What's the experiment about?

David:    Well, I have this theory, you see. (Pause as David continues to mix liquids intensely.)

Pastor:         What's the theory?

David:    Well, I learned so much this week. I learned that God made the entire earth in just six days. I learned that people did not come from monkeys, but God created people. I learned that animals produce after their kind. I learned that God's Word, the Bible, is the truest book ever.  It has the answers to all my questions about how the world got here!

Pastor:   I'm glad you learned so much this week, David.  But you still haven't told me your theory.

David:    Well, I'm developing this formula.  And my theory is this: that if one drop of this formula is placed on any item of creation ...

Pastor:   (As if in suspense.) Yes?

David:    And if the drop stays green and does not change colours ...

Pastor:   (As if trying to hurry David in his explanation.) Yes?

David:    Well, if the drop stays green, then people will know that God created that part of creation!  Here, it's ready now!  Let's test it! (David proceeds to place a green drop from his test tubes on various parts of creation: a plant, a piece of fruit, and his own arm.) See!  It works!  I'm a genius!  God created all these things, and my theory proves it! I can sell this stuff, and everyone will believe that God created the world!

Pastor:         (Shaking his head.) David, David, David.  Your ideas are good. I know you want everyone to believe that God created the world.  But your theory isn't going to help everyone believe.

David:    It isn't?  Why not?

Pastor:   Well, first of all, I'm not sure your formula there could turn a different colour if it tried.

David:    Oh.

Pastor:   It takes faith to believe that God made this world.  Some people don't want to believe.  Some choose not to believe.  Others, like you and me, believe that what God's Word says is true.  We believe with our whole hearts that God made the world.  And we believe what God's Word says about forgiveness is true too.  But a formula or even proof isn't going to change some people's minds.

David:    But I want everyone to believe!

Pastor:   Well then, maybe you ought to be doing something other than working on green formulas.

David:    Like what?

Pastor:         Maybe you ought to be telling your friends and family what you learned about Jesus.  Jesus loves each of us very much.  He even died so that all who believe in Him could go to Heaven.

David:    Well, I do want to be a scientist.

Pastor:   You are a fine scientist!  You know the facts and you have faith! I can't think of a better kind of scientist to be!

David:         C'mon, Pastor, help me clean this stuff up!

Pastor:   Why, do you have another formula to work on?

David:    No! I have a lot of people to fell about the truth of God's Word.

Both leave the area.