Digger David



Materials: A book, an egg (hard-boiled or plastic), chickens (rubber or toy)


David walks up to the pastor.  He is intently reading a thick book as he walks.  He looks bewildered.  Every now and then he stops, tucks the book under his arm, and looks at an egg and then a chicken that he is carrying.  He looks from the egg (in one hand) to the chicken (in the other hand). Then he shakes his head in bewilderment, tucks the chicken and egg back into his pockets, and resumes his reading.  Pastor enters carrying a Bible.


Pastor: Hey, David!  How are you?  Glad to see you could come!  I'm excited about this Bible Club – Discovering and Celebrating Life!  Aren’t you? (David is so involved in reading that he does not even hear Pastor.  He pulls the chicken and the egg out of his pockets one more time as Pastor stands there.)

Pastor:         David?  David? (A bit louder) David! (Still louder.)

David:  Oh, Pastor.  Hi!  I'm sorry. I was so busy reading that I didn't hear you.  What were you saying?

Pastor: I said, I'm really excited about the Bible Club.  I'm glad you came!  David, may I ask you a question?

David:  Sure, Pastor.  What is it?

Pastor: What are you reading?  And WHAT have you got in your hands?

David:  Oh, well, you see, I have a chicken in this pocket (pulls chicken out) and an egg in this pocket (pulls egg out).

Pastor: David ... ?

David:  Yeah, Pastor?

Pastor: May I ask you another question?

David:  Sure, Pastor!

Pastor: Uhh ... WHY do you have a chicken and an egg?

David:  Well, you see, I'm trying to figure out the answer to a very scientific question!

Pastor: What scientific question is that, David?

David:  I'm trying to find the answer to the question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" (David nods; feeling very pleased with himself.)

Pastor: I know the answer to your question, my friend!

David:  You do? (Looking at Pastor in amazement.) I’ve been searching for weeks – I must have read at least 25 whole books looking for the answer – but every one of them just say, “Probably” and “theoretically!”

Pastor: Well, David.  You missed one Book. You see, the answer is in the Bible.  God's Word has the answer to your question!

David:  You mean I've been reading the wrong books to find the answer to my question?

Pastor: Well, I don't know if your book is right or wrong, David.  But I do know that this book (holding up his Bible) is always right and never wrong!  And the Bible has the answer to your question right in the Book of Genesis.  Genesis is the Book of Beginnings, you know; and it says here in Genesis chapter one ... (Pastor turns to Genesis I.) that when God created living things He created them mature or grown up.  Everything from the trees, to the Bears, to the Kangaroos, all started off “ready-to-go. ” So the chicken must have come first because it is all grown up!  The egg is not grown up.

David:         (Smiling, as he pats Pastor on the back.) Wow, Pastor! That was simple! I have been trying to figure out this answer for a long time.  And all this time the answer was in the Bible!  Thanks, Pastor!  My favorite thing is digging for truth, and you have shown me the truth.

Pastor: Well, it's really not me who showed you the truth, David.  It was God's Word, the Bible.  You can always count on it to be true.  So, David ...?

David:  Yes, Pastor?

Pastor:         (Smiling.) Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

David:         (Holding up the chicken and Pastor's Bible.) The chicken!  Definitely the chicken!

Both leave the area.