Digger David Skits



(Use this skit in your church several weeks before your program begins to invite everyone to Celebrate Life!)

Materials: a large stack of books, a Bible

Have David come up the front aisle of the church either carrying a large stack of heavy books or pushing a cart on wheels loaded clown with books.  Involve the pastor or whoever is in charge of announcements at the time.


Pastor: Excuse me, can I help you?

David: (Looking bewildered.) Why, yes, perhaps you can!  My name is David and I just love digging for truth! They call me “Digger David”. I was told that this is the place to find the truth. I brought all these books along to help - help me find truth, that is.  Let's see here (as he begins to read the titles of books), we've got some good sources of truth here that I checked out of the library.  We've got How the World Got Here by I. M. Brilliant.  We've got Zillions of Years by B. A. Scholar.  We've got my personal favorite, My Monkey's Uncle.  Here's one called The Age of Dinosaurs by Dr. X. Tinct.  Yes, I'm ready!

Pastor:   Ready for what?

David:    I'm ready to learn the truth!  I've got my books, and I'm ready to go!

Pastor:   Well, David, I'm glad you're ready, but you're not going to need all those books!

David: (Looking disappointed.) I'm not?

Pastor:   No way!  If you love digging for truth, you ought to come to our “Discover and Celebrate Life!” Bible Club!

David: Celebrate life? what's that?


Pastor: Celebrate Life! is a fun Bible Club.  We're going to learn all about how God made the world.  We're going to study dinosaurs and where people came from!  It's going to be great!

David: (Looking at all his books.) Should I bring along all of these?


Pastor:   Well ... all you really need to find truth is this (holding up his Bible) and God wants us to use this too! (Pointing to his mind.)

David:    Count me in!  When did you say this celebration begins?

Pastor:   We'll be celebrating right here on (dates and Times of your program).


Both say good-bye and leave the area.