Baptist Church Planting

Operation 20/2020
Every European Church helping to start 20 new Churches in Europe
by 2020

Why are Local Bible Believing Baptist Churches Needed in Europe?


"But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him." (John 4:23).


There are millions of congregations and meetings of all types throughout Europe. But there are very few that worship God ONLY in spirit, and in truth. Most are spiritually dead towards God, and have no respect of God’s truth in the Bible, so in spite of all the religious houses of worship, and religious ceremonies and traditions, there is almost no true worship going on in Europe.


New churches are the answer! Not more of the same, but more of the Bible kind! The Christians in the First Century are often referred to as Ancient Christians or even Primitive Christians, but God seems to think that THEY are the real thing! We need to start looking once again at Europe as a continent of lost pagans who need once again the life changing principles of the Bible!

A.   Europe’s Population – 711 million

B.   Major Cities and population


1.     83 cities of 1,000,000 or more souls

2.     Total people living in just those 83 cities is 207 million!

3.     There are 33 cities with more than 2 million – making for 140 million!


Moscow metropolitan area           Russia                       14,000,000

Greater London                              United Kingdom      13,709,000

Paris metropolitan area                 France                       11,175,000

Istanbul                                            Turkey                      11,000,000

Ruhr area                                         Germany                   5,376,000

Madrid metropolitan area             Spain                         5,263,000

Saint Petersburg                             Russia                       4,600,000

Milan metropolitan area               Italy                           4,136,000

Barcelona metropolitan area        Spain                         4,082,000

Berlin                                               Germany                   4,016,000

Athens                                              Greece                       3,761,000

West Midlands (Birmingham)      United Kingdom      3,683,000

Rome metropolitan area                Italy                           3,190,000

Rhein-Nord                                     Germany                   3,073,000

Rhein-Süd                                       Germany                   3,070,000

Katowice metropolitan area         Poland                       3,029,000

Kiev metropolitan area                 Ukraine                     3,000,000

Hamburg Metropolitan Region    Germany                   2,983,000

Naples metropolitan area              Italy                           2,905,000

Warsaw metropolitan area            Poland                       2,785,000

Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Region     Germany                   2,764,000

Munich                                            Germany                   2,665,000

Brussels-Capital Region               Belgium                    2,639,000

Lisbon Metropolitan Area            Portugal                    2,591,000

Vienna                                             Austria                      2,584,000

Greater Manchester                       United Kingdom      2,556,000

Budapest metropolitan area         Hungary                    2,523,000

Amsterdam metropolitan area      Netherlands              2,497,000

West Yorkshire                              United Kingdom      2,302,000

Stuttgart Metropolitan Region     Germany                   2,289,000

Liverpool                                         United Kingdom      2,241,000

Metropolitan Stockholm               Sweden                     2,171,000

Bucharest metropolitan area        Romania                   2,064,000


C.   We almost couldn’t take the Gospel to the wrong place!

D.   We need to start churches near Universities and Colleges

E.    As well as along Highways and Hedges – Don’t ignore the smaller towns

F.    We need to be near enough to one another for encouragement and fellowship

G.   We need some who will be willing to go to the uttermost like the Moravian missionaries did in the 1800’s in upper Canada!!!