Creation Seminar Came to Cork

October 2000

Who is Dr. Kent Hovind?

What is a Creation, Evolution and Dinosaurs Seminar?

Seminar Venues and Events

Dr. Hovind grew up in East Peoria, Illinois, the United States, which is 150 miles south of Chicago. His keen interest in math and science prompted him to enroll at Illinois Junior College with a Science major. After two years of undergraduate work there, he transferred to Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan where he completed his bachelor of Religious Education degree in 1974.

For the next fifteen years, Dr. Hovind taught secondary school math and science classes. During that same time, he completed his Masters in Education degree in 1988 from Patriot University in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And, in 1991, he received his Ph.D. in Education from the same university.

While working on his Ph.D. doctrinal dissertation, Dr. Hovind recognised the need of exposing the teaching of evolution as a dangerous, religious world-view, and that people need to be equipped with the scientific evidence that there really are no contradictions between true science and the Bible. His doctrinal dissertation turned out to be on the subject of Biblical Creation verses Evolution, and the effects that teaching evolution has on students.

In 1991, Dr. Hovind began Creation Science Evangelism - an organisation dedicated to exposing the scientific fallacies of the theory of evolution, and the scientific accuracy of the biblical record. Dr. Hovind currently speaks over 600 times each year to audiences in schools, churches, and universities, as well as on the radio, and on television programs. He has been extensively interviewed, and debated. He has written “Are You Being Brainwashed by Your Science Textbook?” showing the deceptive agenda of science text books, and has produced over 400,000 videos of his seminars so far. His humorous, fast-paced, illustrated seminars provide fully documented evidence against the unscientific theory of evolution. The information presented concerning dinosaurs reflects his extensive study in cryptozoology.

During his seminars, he easily demonstrates to anyone 12 years old and up that:

 1.       The earth is not billions of years old.

2.       Dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago, but have always lived with mankind, are mentioned in the Bible, and a few small ones probably are still live today in remote areas.

3.       The so-called ‘geologic column’ is a hoax -- it can only be found written in text books, but not in the earth.

4.       The philosophy of evolution strongly motivated the ideologies that brought about World War I and II.

5.       When children are taught evolution as a fact, society categorically disintegrates.

 Dr. Hovind has a complete range of fossils, and actual dinosaur artifacts, as well as replicas of dinosaur items like tyrannosaurus-rex teeth and claws, a velociraptor claw, a pterosaur skull, and a stegosaur plat and tail spike - all of which are accessible by the attendees of his lectures.

Dr. Hovind has a long standing offer of $250,000 (£200,000) for anyone with empirical evidence (scientific proof) in favour of evolution. He has debated dozens of University professors all across the U.S. clearly showing that evolution is still only a theory, and a poor one at that!

Kent Hovind lives in Pensacola, Florida with his wife, Jo, and their three teenagers.



What is the Seminar?

 The “Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs” Seminar is a two hour program that examines both sides of the origins debate: Evolution, and Creation. Dr. Kent Hovind, Ph.D. conducts the program using a multimedia presentation, as well as a hands on display containing a large assortment of artifacts and reference materials for people to be able to see for themselves what scientists are talking about when they deal with evolution, and the theory of origins. 

What is the purpose of the Seminar?


A vast amount of information and scientific evidence clearly contradicts the modern evolutionary theory models, and actually supports the Genesis account of creation, and the flood. Most people are only aware of what evolution teaches, and are forced to reject the basic foundation of science - that of observable laws. Evolution is not based upon verifiable science, but rather on a series of religious-like beliefs that are neither scientific, nor rational. The seminar will pleasantly document the true nature of the evolutionary belief of origins, and that of creationary belief of origins, so that the audience can better make up their own minds based on evidence, and not suppositions. 

What happens at the Seminar?


The seminar begins with Dr. Hovind stating who he is, and where he stands as a Creation Scientist. He will then proceed to explain both theories of origins with constant and direct references to the facts that either support or reject each theory. Dr. Hovind taught science and math in the public school system in America for 15 years, and has developed a witty, and enjoyable method of communicating what would otherwise be a hard to grasp subject.

If there is time, at the end of the Seminar, Dr. Hovind will attempt to answer a few questions from the audiences, in order to clarify issues that may still be in people’s minds.

There will be a large table with books and other materials for interested people to purchase that will thoroughly document and expose the fallacies of the evolutionary theory, and present the scientific basis for the instantaneous Creation of all things. 

What Do Creation Scientists Believe? 

Scientists who call themselves “creation scientists” are professionals, typically with advanced degrees from major universities, who are generally involved in the same types of work as the average scientist. The difference is that creation scientists have a “world-view”, or “model” for their science which is based on the belief that an intelligent designer (“God”) exists who created our universe and the natural things in it. The creation events were one-time events and are not taking place today. A large subset of creation scientists could be called “Biblical creationists”, who take the first eleven chapters of the Bible to be real history, including the creation of all things in six 24-hour days, the existence of Adam and Eve as the first man and woman, the unnatural introduction of “death” into the perfect creation because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, and the occurrence of a world-wide flood (Noah’s flood) which destroyed most life and greatly affected the processes operating on the earth. Most creation scientists believe that the earth is “young” (on the order of ten thousand years). Biblical creationists believe that the Bible and true science are in full harmony with each other.


During His Presentation On “Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs”


The following subjects are dealt with by Dr. Hovind: 

      That the earth is not billions of years old - he exposes it’s young age by looking at the rapid decay of the earth’s magnetic field, the short limit of time that so much pressure could exist in natural gas, and oil mines, and many other verified scientific observations.

      That science is supposed to be all about facts and laws, and not just theories and assumptions that are completely unverifiable.

      That dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago, but have always lived with mankind, are mentioned in the Bible, and probably are still live today in some remote areas.

      That the so-called ‘geologic column’ is a hoax -- it can only be found written in school text books, but not in the earth. He will demonstrate that the majority of geological columns are the result of a world-wide catastrophic flood.

      That the teaching of the theory of evolution is dangerous to the world-view of both students and adults - it was the motivating source of World Wars I and II, and racism.

      That the description of the creation of our universe as presented in the Bible is both true and trustworthy - he easily shows the fallacy of evolution’s theories for the origin of matter and life in the universe by simple and verifiable scientific methods. 

Any audience, ages 12 and up will easily enjoy and understand Dr. Hovind’s explanations of this important subject.


How Dr. Hovind’s presentations help listeners: 

         His well-documented evidence helps people develop a world-view founded upon true science (one that looks at all the facts without bias), instead of upon luck, chance, and accidents.

         His explanations help people to simply be more aware of the scientific value of Creation Science as opposed to only hearing the evolution side of the origins of the universe debate.

         The topic of evolution verses creation science is hotly contested in the science classrooms these days because of all the questions surrounding the supposed “facts” behind evolution, and how the evidence really does seem to point toward an instantaneous creation, and then a later world-wide catastrophic flood.

         Teachers and parents alike are concerned about the subliminal evolutionary world-view that has permeated the school textbooks, and the so-called “documentary” television programs that end up teaching children that they are only accidents, and mistakes, and not in control of their destiny because of genetic programming, and therefore not ever responsible for their actions.


A video of one of his seminar presentations is available upon request free of charge. This is a limited time offer since quantities are limited.




OPEN SEMINARS (Imperial Hotel, Cork)

Saturday, 30th September, 2000 — 8.00-10.00 PM

Sunday, 1st October, 2000 — 3.00-5.00 PM

Monday, 2nd October, 2000 — 8.00-10.00 PM  


Contact: 021-487-5142


At the stated times, Dr. Hovind will be speaking at the Imperial Hotel, on the South Mall in the Main Ballroom on “Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs.” This seminar is open to the general public, and will present the two opposing views of Scientific Creation verses the Theory of Evolution. The seminar will focus on understanding the facts of science, and not the fiction of "educated" guesswork.

There will be many helpful materials on hand, and each adult will receive a well documented but brief Seminar Notebook containing seminar information, footnote references, and book lists for factual verification. There will be no fee charged for this seminar.

Sunday Church Worship (TA Hall, Blarney)

Sunday, 1st October, 2000 — 10.00 AM - 12.00 Noon

Contact:  021-487-5142  or  087-276-6764


Dr Kent Hovind will be speaking at the Bible Baptist Church, TA Hall, Station road, Blarney to the interested audience, on the authority and accuracy of the Bible for the Christian. God did not lie when He said “in six days the LORD created the heavens and the earth!”

Other Opportunities to Meet and Hear Dr. Hovind


Dr Hovind will also be speaking in Limerick at the University of Limerick on Sunday evening at 8.30pm.

Contact Pat Cross at 061-332257


   Thursday, Oct. 5

        7:30 PM: Red Cow , Naas Rd.

        Seating capacity: 500

        Contact: 01-296-1347  or  01-297-1333

   Friday, Oct. 6

        7:30 PM: UCD (Theatre "L" in the arts Building)

        Seating capacity: 500

        Contact: 01-296-1347  or  01-297-1333

   Saturday, Oct. 7

        7:30 PM: YMCA, Aungier St. Complex (Metropolitan Hall)

        Seating capacity: 550

        Contact: 01-296-1347  or  01-297-1333