Was Your Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, a Monkey?

By Lionel Smith, Bishopstown, Co. Cork, Ireland

This is not an attack on your family heritage and it is not questioning your Grandfather’s intelligence. It is the question, “Did you evolve from a monkey?” Perhaps you have never given that question much thought but I would encourage you to. It is actually a very important question.

Is evolution really scientific? Some people would be shocked at such a question. They would think, “of course it is, it is taught as fact and so it must be so.” Others would admit that they have never really looked at the ques­tion before.

The Bible warns us to avoid sci­ence falsely so called in 2 Timothy 6:20. It is not warning against true science which is seeking the truth, but it is warning about science that has as its goal the removal of any form of God from society.

So the question is, Is Evolution scientific? We will start by looking at the fossil record. Fossils are remains or impressions of animals and plants from a former geological age. There have been literally millions of fossils found throughout the world.

Evolution teaches that in time, one species evolved into another species, and if this is true then there should be fossils of most of the intermediary species. Have any fossils of any intermediary species been found? We must answer this with an emphatic NO.

With such a great number of fossils available the evolutionist should be able to find hundreds of fossils of missing links at least between man and apes. Does fossil record show any intermediary species between man and apes? We must answer this with an emphatic NO!

There have been a number of hoaxes done on the scientific community when it comes to evolutionary fossil records. One very good example of this was the Piltdown Man. The Piltdown Man was the skull of a man and the jawbone of an ape. By putting these two fossils together a man by the name of Charles Dawson fooled the scientific community for over thirty years.

The Piltdown Man did not prove anything for evolution, but it did prove that the evolutionists badly wanted to find a missing link. They wanted a missing link so bad that they did not take care to find out if the Piltdown Man was really what it was alleged to be. (Beware of sci­ence falsely so called!)

Other hoaxes could be shown but space does not allow this. What we will now look at is what is commonly accepted as the best example of a missing link, Australopithecus. These are basically bones found in Southern Africa. Sometimes Austra­lopithecus is referred to as “Lucy”.

Australopithecus is considered to be an ancestor to man because of the similarity of the jawbones. Not only is Australopithecus’s (Lucy) jawbone similar to man’s but it is also similar to apes! The Australopith­ecus bones were compared by computer with both man and ape bones. Each time the measurements came out to be closer to apes than to man. The person doing the experiment came to the conclusion; that he doubted if there was any link be­tween the bones and man. These studies were supported by other scientific studies of the bones. These studies have proved that Australo­pithecus is just an extinct ape. It is interesting to note that Australo­pithecus actually means Southern Ape.

Why would evolutionists still put forth Australopithecus as a missing link when science has shown it to be just an extinct ape? (Beware of science falsely so called!)

You have probably seen pictures of the missing links. They usually have a man-like body but ape-like facial features and facial hair much like that of an ape. What are these pictures based upon one might ask. The answer may be startling to you but they are based upon what evolutionists want them to look like. In most pictures, bones that are found to be apes are made to look man-like and bones that are found to be man are made to look like apes. It is up to the artist to decide.

You cannot tell the exact shape of the ears, eyes, lips or nose from a complete skull. Remember you are really dealing with skull fragments and not whole skulls. You certainly cannot tell about the facial hair by fossil fragments from a skull!

If is not possible to tell accurately how a person looked from a skull, let alone skull fragments, why do we see so many pictures of human-like apes? The answer is simply this; because evolutionists want us to be­lieve in evolution regardless of the facts! (Beware of science falsely so called!)

Probably the greatest embar­rassment to the evolutionist is the fossil record. For the last hundred years evolutionists have been looking for missing links but they have not been able to find even one. This is especially true when it comes to finding the missing link between man and apes. The more fossils found, the more evi­dence that man has always been man and apes have always been apes. The more fossils the evolutionist finds the more proof he has that evolution just did not happen.

The fossil record should show intermediary types between fish and amphibians. It should show reptiles that turned into birds. It should show apes that turned into men but it does not.

Evolution is NOT actually based on fact but on a form of “faith.” There is more evidence for creation than there is for evolution. EVOLUTION therefore, IS A RELIGION! Evolution is the religion of atheists. The atheist does not believe God exists and therefore he does not believe in a Creator. When you do away with a Creator, you then do not have to give an account to a Creator.

The Bible is clear that there is a Creator, God, and that we will be responsible to that Creator. God knows all we have ever thought, said, or done. He knows that you are a sinner and so He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for all our sins. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

God created man. Man did not evolve from apes, but instead, man devolved from being sinless, and pure, to a sinner by disobeying God’s command in the Garden of Eden. Mankind was then separated from God. The only way back to God is through Jesus Christ. He took the penalty for your sin on the cross. He died as your substitute.

Jesus stated in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh to the Father but by me.” Which way are you going to go? The way of the atheist is evolution (death, survival of the fittest, and more death), or the way of God (faith in Jesus Christ, life, forgiveness, and eternal life).

Who are you going to believe? Are you going to believe your loving Creator or evolutionists?