The Insurmountable Gaps in “Science” that can only be answered by the Bible

Every one of the above gaps are so large you could drive a planet between them!

q      The gap between the existence of an infinitesimal dot of all-encompassing matter to an explosion that produced the very fabric of space, and all that is currently in it – what caused the instability and the explosion of the “big bang” anyway?

q      The gap between the chaotic heated plasma of the "big bang" explosion to clumping matter (motion and heat prohibits gravity taking hold and forming anything more than individual atoms).

q      The gap between clumping matter and sizeable clumping matter - this is where the evolutionist needs a LOT of time, and a lot of chance to HOPE that some matter just by change begins to clump.

q      Sizeable clumping of matter must "evolve" to the state of stellar ignition - this takes an amazing amount of faith to accept that extremely diffuse gas miraculously clumps together in such a way as to ignite ITSELF!

q      Stellar ignition has to leap itself to planetary formation. Ok, so if you have a star burning, you are going to need some stars to also have a bunch of planets tagging along for the ride without being destroyed in the initial ignition sequece of the star.

q      Planetary system formation must form in a very narrow life zone. There is only a very small zone in a solar system that could allow for life - the earth is in just such a precarious zone.

q      Rocks, and gases and inorganic mixes must somehow make it to becoming protected organic mixes

q      Molecules must evolve to to macro molecules

q      Macro-molecules must evolve to organic macromolecules

q      Macro-molecules must make it to becoming protected prebiotic, primordeal soups to self-replicating organisms (virus and bacteria)

q      Self-replicating single-celled organisms have to evolve to multi-cellular independent (sexless) life

q      Multicellular sexless life must totally miraculously and blindly evolve to sex-dependent life

q      Sex dependant life must make the leap to mankind

q      Mankind must inevitably make the jump to God