The Fruits of Evolution


1.        No human theory launched upon mankind has made such an impact as Darwin's theory of evolution. It simply eliminated all absolute moral values, and man's accountability to God. Evolution accepts man only as an animal, responsible only to himself. It provides the framework for a spiritual quagmire - suicide, animalistic murders, perverted sexual behavior, drugs, divorce, abortion, lying, stealing, rape, child abuse, homosexuality, and a host of other ills that affect our world.

2.        What difference does it make? Well, if God does not exist; if He did not create us, then man is truly no more than an animal. There will be no day of judgment. There is no life after death. There are no absolute moral values - no rights and wrongs. If Darwin's "survival of the fittest" is true, then we have no moral restraint to prevent the adoption of Adolph Hitler's philosophy of eliminating "sub-human" races and undesirable people. "Undesirable" racial or ethnic groups, old people, crippled people, mentally retarded people, unwanted babies in mothers' wombs, the poorly educated, the weak and sick, and any other undesirable being should be eliminated because they can only be viewed as a burden to society. They use resources that could give the more "highly evolved" among us more pleasure.

3.        There is however a sure solution for these problems - a return to the solid foundation of the Bible (and its morality), and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from this solution, there is no hope for this world. Certainly evolution offers none.