Dinosaurs: Dream or Reality?

Dinosaurs were real creatures that have lived along with mankind, but have been hunted to extinction - some few remaining dinosaurs may still exist in either the ocean or on the continent of Africa.


Their existence. According to the Bible, Dinosaurs did exist on this earth. The first type of dinosaur is referred to as Behemoth (Job 40:15-24) and was a land-based animal that would match a Brontosaurus. The other dinosaur is referred to as Leviathan (Job 41:1-34). It was a water-based animal. It is probably the basis for all the legends about dragons. All the bones that "scientists" have unearthed and attached together to represent animals, were alive mainly before Noah's flood (only 5,000 years ago). Remember, all of them became extinct at the same time pointing to a cataclysmic event.

Their demise. The cataclysmic event was the flood of Genesis chapters 7 - 9 where water covered the earth (Gen 7:19) killing every breathing thing that was not on the ark. At the end of the flood, all the water was drawn into the polar regions and frozen! That explains the Ice Age, and all the fresh water contained in the polar caps!

Fossils are the primary result of billions of organisms being quickly buried under water, rocks, stones, and mud! The dinosaurs that got off the ark, were extinct within the next 1,000 years due to the changes that occurred in the earth’s atmosphere following the flood - a thinner atmosphere, no water-canopy above the atmosphere, etc.