Destroying a Child

The Effect of Teaching Evolution to Children

No human theory launched upon mankind has made such an impact as Darwin’s theory of evolution. It simply eliminated the need for absolute moral values, and man’s accountability to God. Evolution accepts man as an animal, responsible only to himself. It provides the framework for a spiritual quagmire of suicide, animalistic murders, perverted sexual behavior, drug addiction, divorce, abortion, stealing, rape, child abuse, homosexuality, and a host of other ills that affect our world, and are rapidly destroying it.

Evolution’s Effect

What difference does it make? Well, if God does not exist; if He did not create us; if we are the product of random chances, then man is truly no more than just an animal. There will be no life after death. No day of judgment. No absolute moral values of right and wrong. If Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” concept is true, then we have no reason to prevent Hitler’s philosophy of eliminating “sub-human” races and undesirable people. Old people, crippled, mentally retarded, unwanted babies, poorly educated, the weak and sickly, and any other undesirable person should then be eliminated because they are only a burden to a “progressive” and evolving society as we have today. Inferior people use resources (food, housing) that could give the “more highly evolved” among us the evolutionary advantage. That’s the direction our society is heading, and no one can deny it!

No Over-Statement

This is not overstating anything - evolution has no morals - only blindly adapting for the benefit of ITSELF. And many people wonder WHY all of society is breaking-down at break-neck speed. Consider the terrible acts against children today. And then consider the acts OF children today! Whether you are in a shopping centre, theatre, school room, or sitting on a park bench, just watch today’s children. Read in the paper of the vile acts kids are committing, even against their own families. Hear the news of not just wars in far away countries, but wars conducted by drug-related gangs in our local towns and cities!

Our Children are Dying

Dying not only physically, but in their hearts and souls, because they have been lied to - told they are only experiments at the hand of chance. They are simply accidents that must fight to survive, and yet have nothing to live for. What does the future hold for them?

·         Teenage pregnancies will only increase, as will venereal disease, and AIDS.

·         Suicides will take on a sort of attractiveness like never before - group suicides are soon to be prevalent in Ireland.

·         Most everyone will be on some form of sleeping aid, and stress relief medication because no one will be able to “cope” without it.

·         And the list will only grow larger with time.

The Solution

There is a sure solution for these problems- a return to the solid foundation of the Bible (and its morality), and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from this, there is no hope for this world. Certainly evolution offers none. This is no attempt to re-introduce the religious superstitions of the past as the guiding principles of life - but rather base our interpretation of the world upon the proven truths of the word of God, the Bible. Only then will we have meaning for our own existence, and hope!