A Study of Where We Came From - Our Origins

Lesson Nineteen of the First Principles Discipleship Study Course


"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  Genesis 1:1


Introduction Scientific Laws Against ANY Form of Evolution The So-Called “Missing Links” of Human Ancestry The Fight Against God
Where Do We Begin? Scientific Laws Proving Evolution Macro verses Micro Evolution Fruits of Evolution
Some Definitions Noah’s Flood - The Key to Geology The Dinosaurs The Fruit of Scientific Creationism
Where Did the Universe Come From? Dating Methods The Age of the Universe The Real Big-Bang - yet to Come!

I.      Introduction


A.    At this point in your discipleship training you should realize foremost, that the basis for what you believe is found in God's word, the Bible. Before you got saved, your basis for truth and fact were basically vague. You may have had a belief concerning a subject, but with no real support. With God's word in hand though, truth and fact become quite clear! Especially in relation to science! Bible believers do not run and hide behind "religious views." We go to the Book of books and see what God says! Because when it comes to facts, the evidence overwhelmingly proves the creation account of the Bible, and not evolution's theory!

B.    This lesson will provide the new Christian with the FACTS to both reinforce his or her faith in the Bible, and also to deal with any scientist who may believe in the theory of evolution.


II.       Where Do We Begin?


  1. Some Presuppositions (World Views). Either you believe…


1.        In the beginning GOD... (an Almighty Creator)

2.        In the beginning DIRT... (an Almighty Accident)


  1. Some Misconceptions


1.        "Evolution is a proven fact." Wrong. Neither evolution, nor Creation is proven, because we cannot now see either theory in operation today. Both ideas are theories that must be accepted by faith. The person's conclusions for their faith must be based upon truth though - the evolutionist has no proof, only more theories. The Creationist has the words of the Bible which can be proven in a court to be true. It has been consistently proven there are no false statements in the Bible!

2.        "The Bible, and Religion are just the same." Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bible is God's final word. Religion is man's attempt to replace the need for the Bible.

3.        "The Bible is religious, and therefore not scientific." How that could be true is beyond reason! Yes the Bible is religious, but only because it speaks from outside human perceptions, and it speaks about more than just the future. It accurately describes all major scientific laws of physics without contradiction.

4.        "Only ignorant people believe the Bible." Ignorance is when a person is unaware of something beyond their current understanding. All people therefore are ignorant. But there are those who desire to be willfully ignorant of anything besides what they currently believe to be true - these are usually "scientists."


  1. Some Definitions


1.        What Science is


a.        Science is a body of knowledge that can be demonstrated and observed as fact. If something cannot be proven with observable evidence, then it is only a theory, and not science. Scientific facts are called laws. For anything to become scientific law, it must stand up to two processes: observability (it can be seen) and repeatability (it can be repeated). Anything that cannot be repeated, or observed now, is only a THEORY - it can never be fact

b.       A Scientific Law is a verifiable fact that has been observed, and repeated, and therefore proven to be true. Science is supposed to be based on Laws, not theories. Up until 1880, science was ONLY interested in developing LAWS based upon FACTS. But now science has to be popular, and has been swayed towards focusing on generating theories, while ignoring established facts.


2.        What Evolution is. Evolution is a theory of the origin of all things based upon a process of continuous “innovative” change. It states the universe is continually improving itself through this "process." It may take billions of years, but it is supposedly gradually improving! This usually means without allowing for an outside Creator’s help. It represents the acceptance of anything that can explain the existence of this universe, as long as it does not allow for the existence of God.

3.        What Creationism is: Creationism begins with the theory that an intelligent Designer (“God”) created a perfect creation, and that that creation is currently falling apart (not improving). Creationism states that creation was a one time event, and is not now occurring. Biblical creationism takes the Bible literally when it says God created everything in six 24 hour days.


Neither EVOLUTION, or CREATION is an established FACT - neither can be observed, nor repeated - they are BOTH theories. The question is, which theory makes more sense?

III.   Where Did The Universe Come From?


Let's face it; the universe is here. The basic problem is how did it get here? In order to be scientific, we will have to go by what we can observe and by what we can demonstrate. Let's look at the only four possible explanations of how this earth got here.


A.    The universe has always been here. This theory states that matter is eternal, and therefore has just always been here.

B.    The universe has not always been here. There was a time, when "naturally," nothing produced something! This explanation describes matter coming into existence from nothing (by chance), and then life coming into existence from dead matter (all by accident).

C.    The universe is not really here, but just an illusion. You just think that it is here! This theory pleases Buddhists (who believe life is only an illusion that needs to be “resolved”) and produces more drug addicts.

D.    The universe started suddenly, when a Creator made it. This is what Jesus Christ believed (Mark 13:19), King David (Ps 8:3; 19:1), the apostle John (John 1:1-3), and Paul (Col 1:15-17), to name a few!


There can only be four possible explanations for the existence of this universe. Can you come up with any other explanation that is not covered by one of the above four? The first two explanations are the basis for ALL evolution theories. Of the four, which is most scientific (observable) and logical? To settle this, let's look at the proven laws of science, and allow them to determine the answer.



IV.   Evolution - A Science Contrary To Evidence (1 Tim 6:20)


  1. Some Scientific Laws Against ANY Form of Evolution.


1.        The Laws of Thermodynamics (Heat Energy).


a.        The first law says energy and matter can be transformed (changed) and altered, but cannot now be created or destroyed. This Law does away with Theory B. A universe that accidentally "big banged" out of nothing is unscientific since matter can't naturally be created (see Nehemiah 9:6). Evolution requires you to believe everything “accidentally” came from nothing!

b.       The second law states that energy in a closed system[1] will   run out. This is called ENTROPY. All forms of energy run down like a watch. For example: things do not grow toward order and cleanliness by accident (ask any housewife with kids). Nothing is in the process of "evolving" (getting better, and more advanced, and more powerful), but rather EVERYTHING which can be seen demonstrates dissipation, disintegration, decay and degeneration. Nothing is "improved" unless it is worked on by an outside force! This Law is stated in Isaiah 51:6, and does away with Theory A since if the universe had always been here, it would have "burned-out" long ago! Even though matter and energy cannot disappear, energy is always slowing down - never increasing (and never being replaced)! An example is the burning of a fire log. The log burns, and produces heat energy. That energy is then gone from the log, and cannot be produced from the same log anymore.


2.        The Law of Cause and Effect. To every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. For every effect that we see in the universe, there had to be an original cause. Evolution requires that all of ORDER came from CHAOS being “helped along” - again “accidentally.”

3.        The Law of Biogenetics demonstrates that life ONLY comes from life! Every living organism comes only from living organisms (John 1:1-4)! Never has life "spontaneously" come from a dead thing.

4.        Mendel’s Laws. Gregor Mendel (1822-1914) proved scientifically:


a.        Only genetic characteristics are inherited (things that are already coded in the DNA molecules of a gene) - only things that the parent already had “in” themselves, are passed on to the next generation. Nothing new can be passed on except for mutations which are 99.9% disastrous to the next generation.

b.       Variations are built-into the DNA code of an organism - this allows for variations in a specific kind of animal - i.e., a dog’s genes have many variations already built-in (doberman, terrier, greyhound), just as a cat’s genes have many variations, etc.

c.        Variations outside of the limits of the genetic code do not occur. The variations do not include the ability for offspring to turn into anything BUT what the parent was - i.e., a cat ALWAYS produces a cat! Never a cat-dog, or a butterfly, or a frog, etc.

d.       No “new” characteristics appear in ANY species (it would be like trying to play keys on a piano that aren't there) except by mutation - which ALWAYS means a degradation of the offspring’s quality of life - which is opposite of the evolutionary theory.

e.        All mutations are proven to be destructive to the off-spring, because they are “degenerative” and not evolutionary - the next generation ALWAYS becomes sterile.


  1. Some Scientific Laws Proving Evolution… NONE!


1.        Evolution requires that there would exist some natural force that is “guiding” everything toward higher and higher levels of complexity.

2.        This “Law” would be called, a law of “increasing organization.”

3.        This “law” does NOT exist anywhere!!!


  1. Order Out of Chaos? Could you believe that a delicate and beautiful Swiss watch could come from an explosion in a steel mill, or that a dictionary could come from an explosion in a print shop? Then how could a rational person believe that all the beauties and perfection of nature result from an explosion of hot gasses back at the "big bang?" Only if you are told again and again that it MUST have happened!
  2. Find the Fossil Evidence. The theory of evolution contends that life appeared "spontaneously" on the earth, and that over millions of years, life forms changed and became more complex. Man is assumed to be the product of this process. Fossils, the remains of dead plants and animals, have supposedly left a record of the organisms that once populated the earth.

      Modern research has shown that in recorded history, species are constantly moving toward extinction. Every day, more than 50 species become extinct. If evolution were true, one would expect to see the process providing examples of emerging species in their "transitional forms." The question arises, "where are the emerging species and their transitional forms?"[2] The fossil record shows no transitional forms - only fully developed creatures, in all strata!

  1. Conclusion


We then are left with Theories C and D. Either you believe Genesis 1:1, or lose your mind! Modern scientists simply ignore these facts, and pretend they don't exist. They reject Theory D pretending that since it is religious and not "scientific" that it is not true!



V.      Noah’s Flood - The Key to Geology


2 Peter 3:3-8 tells us that people who scoff at the Bible are "willingly ignorant" of the Creation and the Flood. In order to understand science and the Bible, we must not be ignorant of those two great events in Earth's history.


  1. Over 250 Flood legends from all parts of the world have been found. Most have striking similarities to the Genesis story of a man building a boat to save his family, and the animals.
  2. Noah's ark was only built to float, and safely carry its cargo - not to sail.
  3. The ark has been proven to be large enough to hold all the required pairs of animals, people, and food with room to spare (625ft long, 104 wide, 62 high). It wasn't until 1850 that someone built another ship that big!
  4. God told Noah to bring two of each kind, not of each species or variety. Noah only had two of the dog kind which might have only included the wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc. The kind grouping is probably closer to our modern family division in taxonomy. This would greatly reduce the number of animals on the ark.  Animals have obviously diversified into many varieties in the last 4,500 years since the Flood.
  5. Noah did not have to go and get the animals. God brought them to him (Gen. 6:20, "shall come unto thee").
  6. The mountains, as we have them today, did not exist until during the Flood when "the mountains arose and the valleys sank down" during the total upheaval of the earth’s crust at the time (Ps. 104:5-9, Gen. 8:3-8).
  7. The water in the oceans right now would cover the earth 8,000 feet deep if the surface of the earth were smooth.
  8. The continents were not fully separated until 100-300 years after the Flood (Gen. 10:25). The people and animals that came off the Ark had time to migrate anywhere on earth by then.
  9. The top of Mt. Everest (from 26,000-29,000 feet) is made up of sedimentary rock containing fossils of seashells and other ocean-dwelling animals.
  10. Sedimentary rock is found all over the world. Sedimentary rock is laid down only by running water.
  11. Petrified clams in the closed position (found all over the world, including Mt. Everest) testify to their rapid mud-burial while they were still alive.
  12. Bent rock layers, fossil graveyards, and poly-strata fossils are best explained by a cataclysmic Flood.
  13. People choose to not believe the Flood because it was the judgment of God on sin (2 Pet. 3:3-8), which will also occur in the future, but then by fire.


VI.    Evolutionary Hoaxes, Scams, and Abuses


  1. Dating Methods - Billions? Millions? Or Just Thousands of Years Old?


1.        Date the fossils by the “strata” they are found in. Most scientists believe that layers of the earth’s crust (called strata) represent different time periods, and were laid down over millions and even billions of years. In the 1800’s, each layer was labeled by its depth and rock type. Then, the fossils found within each layer were classified by that layer (i.e., Cambrian, Jurassic, Carboniferous, etc).

2.        Date the strata by what fossils are found in it. As time went on, strata were not found to be uniform in layering, and so the fossil type that was found in each strata was used to label the strata. The problem is this: based upon a preliminary assumption in the 1800's that all the strata in the world were laid down uniformly, all fossils and strata are classified based upon each other’s preliminary labeling - i.e., the strata is identified by the fossils it contains, and the fossils are classified by the strata they are found in - circular reasoning! Not science!

3.        The “Flood” ruined everything! A creationist approaches the problem from the vantage of the world-wide flood of Genesis 7 & 8, which sorted the fossils and strata in a cataclysmic, not uniform fashion.


  1. The So-Called “Missing Links” of Human Ancestry


1.        Java Man (Pithecanthropus) - In 1890, a skull cap, femur, and two molar teeth were grouped together as belonging to the same person. The skull is that of an ape, but the teeth and the femur bone of an human. What was not published was that they were found 45 feet apart from each other, along with many other bones of clearly apes, humans, and other animals. It was a grocery store of “parts” to construct any animal you wanted! Java man has since been reclassified as human.

2.        Neanderthal Man (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) - 1856, in Neanderthal, Germany, a skull cap and limb bones were found. It was grouped with a set of skeletons found all over Europe that had the following characteristics: prominent eyebrow ridges, low forehead, long narrow brain case, protruding upper jaw, a strong lower jaw lacking a chin. The overall skeletons were short, and stooped-over. Anthropologists believed it to be a “missing link” between man and ape because it seemed to have shuffled along when walking. However, 150 years later, it is now admitted that these skeletons were of people that suffered from rickets, and syphilis. Neanderthal Man was just a variation of the modern human kind with disease!

3.        The Piltdown Man (Eoanthropus). In England, in 1912, a human skull cap and an orangutan’s jaw were grouped together, along with a tooth as a hoax to prove another so-called “missing link.” It was believed by the scientific world for over 40 years until tested for age, only to find that the tooth had been filed down to look human, and the jaw bone stained to look as old as the skull cap.

4.        The Peking Man - all the “evidence” of this ape-man was lost in World War II, and is not available for examination.

5.        The Nebraska Man (Hesperopithecus) - an entire skeleton of an ape-man was constructed based upon a single tooth of a supposed “missing link.” The tooth was discovered to be of a rare pig found in Paraguay.

6.        Lucy (Ramapithecus) - once widely accepted as the direct ancestor of humans, it has now been realised that this skeleton is merely an extinct type of orangutan - not an early human.


And they call all this "SCIENCE?"

VII.   Biblical Explanations


  1. Creation.


Creation came about exactly as the Bible says it did in Genesis 1:1, where God simply created everything out of nothing. God was the First Cause - we are the Effect! From that initial creation material, God personally moulded and fashioned the worlds and each creature therein (Gen 2:7, 19). The initial creation was instantaneous, but the resulting "finish work" took six literal days to finish. Why six days? Not because God had a speed limitation, but rather to show a pattern for man's work-week (Ex 20:9-11). After the sixth day, God stopped working (Gen 2:2), and the universe has been carrying on the work of maintaining itself since then (Gen 1:21,22,28). There is nothing new now being created (Eccl 1:9), which is exactly what Albert Einstein discovered (about 3,500 years too late)!




  1. Macro verses Micro Evolution.


1.        The evolutionist believes in something called MACRO (or BIG) evolution that allows for things to change “vertically” from one species to a higher level. This is also called “transformation.” This change process is assumed, has never been observed, and is totally unscriptural.

2.        The creationist believes in something called MICRO (or small) evolution that allows for organisms to change “horizontally” from black to red, and to white, but still be the same species. This is called “variation,” and it is observed, is scientific, and is scriptural.



  1. The Dinosaurs.


1.     Their existence. According to the Bible, Dinosaurs did exist on this earth. The first type of dinosaur is referred to as __________ (Job 40:15-24) and was a land-based animal that would match a Diplodocus. The other dinosaur is referred to as ___________ (Job 41:1-34). It was a water-based animal. It is probably the basis for all the legends about dragons. All the bones that "scientists" have unearthed and attached together to represent animals, were alive mainly before Noah's flood (only 4,500 years ago). Remember, all of them became extinct at the same time pointing to a cataclysmic event.

2.     Their demise. The cataclysmic event was the ______ of Genesis chapters 7 - 9 where water _______ the earth (Gen 7:19) killing every breathing thing that was not on the ark. At the end of the flood, all the water was drawn into now deeper oceans and the polar regions!

3.     Most of the dinosaurs that got off the ark were extinct within the next 1,000 years due to the changes that occurred in the earth’s atmosphere following the flood (a thinner atmosphere, with no water-canopy above the atmosphere that was present before the flood), and as the dinosaurs were hunted by mankind - would you want one around your home?


  1. The Age of the Universe


1.        Moon Dust. Exploration of the moon has provided us with more evidence of the trustworthiness of the Bible, and the flaws in evolutionary thinking. Scientists know that many millions of tons of cosmic dust fall each year on both the earth and the moon. We do not notice it here because of erosion. But there is almost no erosion on the moon. Thus, the dust piles up continually on the moon's surface. If, as evolutionists believe, the universe is billions of years old, the accumulation of dust there should be great, amounting to many feet in depth. Prior to the first moon landing, most scientists predicted that the loose lunar dust could be between 50 and 100 feet in depth, presenting grave difficulties for the moon craft. When man finally reached the moon, it was discovered that the dust was between 1/4 inch and 3 inches deep. Since there is no method by which the dust could be carried away, the shallowness of it means that it has not been accumulating for long. That, in turn, means that the age of the moon and earth must be measured in thousands of years, not the millions or billions supposedly required for evolution to have taken place.

2.        Half-lives. This is the study of the present rate of decay of an element. You track how fast something is decaying, and calculate back how long it has been since it was 100 percent. Uranium is constantly breaking down into helium, yet the atmosphere has such a small amount of helium that the earth couldn’t be older than a couple of hundred million years old - not 4 and a half billion! The earth’s magnetic field is decaying at a rate that only 30,000 years ago, it would have been so strong it would have pulled in the moon!

3.        Inherent Age


a.        When God created man, He created him as what? Adult or Baby? When He created the chicken, He did not create an egg, for it would have required a Hen to protect and hatch it. When God created the earth, He created a fully mature world that looked "billions of years old," and yet was only a few seconds old! This universe looks old, but that is only because God created everything mature and ready to reproduce themselves, from the simple atomic and genetic levels all the way up to the most complex of galaxies (Gen 1:11,12,21,22)!

b.       This explains why the universe is so immense, since your starting point is no longer a "big-bang" but rather God. If the big-bang started everything, then you would have to have hundreds of billions of years to have spread everything out as far as it now is. With creation, God just simply set everything in its place, demonstrating the immensity of the power of God (Ps 8:1-8)!


4.        The Biblical Record. The Bible gives all those names and ages of people from Genesis chapter 5 on for a reason. If you take the time, you can count back from King Solomon (which lived around 1000 years before Christ's birth, B.C.), and see that creation took place around 4,000 years BC! We are living around 2,000 years AD (after His birth), making for a total age of just 6,000 years, not 4.5 billion years!


VI.   Some Final Conclusions


  1. The Fight Against God


1.        When you present Creation, you are attacking the very foundation of the unbeliever. His basis for why he or she lives the way they do is rooted in their rejection of God. Creation points all men back to accountability to this all powerful Being called God, and convinces them of their sinful state!

2.        Romans 1:18-23 states that God's existence is proved by this earth being here, and a person has to corrupt his thinking and ignore a Creator in order to go his own way. Verse 25 says they "__________" the truth of God into a lie. For example: notice that Jesus' birthday is changed into a celebration of Santa Claus (a lie), and the resurrection is changed into Easter bunnies (a lie), and so on!


  1. The Fruits of Evolution


1.        No human theory launched upon mankind has made such an impact as Darwin's theory of evolution. It simply eliminated all absolute moral values, and man's accountability to God. Evolution accepts man only as an animal, responsible only to himself. It provides the framework for a spiritual quagmire - suicide, animalistic murders, perverted sexual behavior, drugs, divorce, abortion, lying, stealing, rape, child abuse, homosexuality, and a host of other ills that affect our world.

2.        What difference does it make? Well, if God does not exist; if He did not create us, then man is truly no more than an animal. There will be no day of judgment. There is no life after death. There are no absolute moral values - no rights and wrongs. If Darwin's "survival of the fittest" is true, then we have no moral restraint to prevent the adoption of Adolph Hitler's philosophy of eliminating "sub-human" races and undesirable people. "Undesirable" racial or ethnic groups, old people, crippled people, mentally retarded people, unwanted babies in mothers' wombs, the poorly educated, the weak and sick, and any other undesirable being should be eliminated because they can only be viewed as a burden to society. They use resources that could give the more "highly evolved" among us more pleasure.

3.        There is however a sure solution for these problems - a return to the solid foundation of the Bible (and its morality), and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from this solution, there is no hope for this world. Certainly evolution offers none.


  1. The Fruit of Scientific Creationism


1.        All people are of immense value to God. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

2.        Every human being is separated from God by an immense universe filled with deterioration caused by sin. God is NOT this universe, but is outside it, and if He created it, then He is GREATER than it!

3.        This Creator has intervened in history several times (at the creation, with the flood, in the birth of Jesus Christ, etc). Especially when our Creator became our Saviour. He took on Himself a human body 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem. His purpose was to save lost sinners by paying for their sins with His blood!

4.        The Bible is scientifically accurate and demonstrates a trustworthy authority in all of life (Psalm 119:160). You can therefore TRUST it in ALL matters of which it speaks!


  1. The Real “Big-Bang” (2 Peter 3:6-14) - Yet to Come!


1.        Forget about the evolutionary "Big Bang" - it is a hoax!

2.        What every person must prepare for is the FUTURE coming Big Bang, where EVERYTHING will burn with melting heat, so that even the "_________ shall melt with fervent heat!" (2 Peter 3:10)

3.        Not only is everything going to melt, it will pass away with a great "________" - a BIG BANG! God said this 2,000 years ago!

4.        If EVERYTHING in the universe is going to be done away with (Matt 24:35), then what kind of persons ought we to be (2 Peter 3:10-14)?


a.        Having a holy _____________ - lifestyle (2 Pet 3:11)

b.       Living godly (2 Pet 3:11)

c.        Looking forward to the coming of God (2 Pet 3:12)

d.       Diligent in living in peace (rest, not anxious), without _____ and __________ - the world ought to see a big difference in your life!

[1]By "closed system," it is meant that if no energy is available to improve the state of a object from an outside force, then it is a closed system. All evolutionists believe in a "closed system" of science, or else they would have to accept the fact that God exists and has affected this universe!

[2]Concerning transitional life forms. These "transitional forms" of creatures in their evolutionary struggle upward would have had a rough time surviving. What about animals with "half wings," that were not quite ready to fly? They would have a tough time digging for grubs or running from an predator in that state!