Ireland Christian
Men’s Camp 2013
Wednesday evening – Saturday morning
April 3-6, 2013
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The Man You Will Learn From…

Moses was 40 years old when he decided to try to lead Israel out of Egypt by the strength of his own arm. As a capable Prince of Egypt, Moses was brash, confident, well educated, and full of himself. He was the kind of leader who would stand on the edge of a bloody battlefield, look into the lens of a TV camera and say, “Mission accomplished.”

Yet, in the end, Moses failed to free his people from the tyranny of their slavery in Egypt. Instead of defeating Pharaoh, Moses ended up fleeing for his own life into the desert; where for the next 40 years, literally everything that he trusted in was stripped away! It was then, at 80 years old, and with no self-confidence remaining in him, that God called to Moses from a burning bush and said, "NOW I can use you!" And boy did God use Moses! THE second greatest life in the Bible next to Jesus Christ was that of Moses! And during this Men’s Camp we get to learn from that life, and all that God taught him!

Messages You Will Hear…

Here’s How to Sign-Up…

The Men's Training Camp is held in
Mount Melleray Scout Activity and Sport Centre, Cappoquin, Co. Wa-terford

The cost is €75 per adult, €55 for under 14. This Men’s Camp is open to all men and their sons from age 6 upwards. You need to tell your pastor that you are planning to come, and prepay €20 to book your place. The balance is due on arrival!

Men You Will Meet…

        The Men’s Camp attracts young and old from all over Ireland, and Europe! Pastors, Missionaries, Soul-Winners, Sunday School Teachers, Song Leaders, Husbands, Dads, Teens and Boys… all gather together to get transformed by the strong preaching of Biblical truths across just three days away in Co. Waterford!


PLAN NOW         

         Plan now to attend this life-changing event that includes great Christian fellowship, tremendous preaching, awesome singing, powerful prayer times, and great food! Weather permitting, there will be hiking, extreme sports and some surprise events! Bring your Bible, a sleeping bag, and come hungry for God to change you! The three days away at this kind of a Camp allows God to work on our hard hearts through the preaching and teaching of His word! Don’t miss a single minute of this Camp!


        There is room for 100 people, but booking is first-come-first-serve. So, make your plans and let Pastor Craig Ledbetter know as soon as you can, whether you and your church are coming and when you plan on arriving. Teens, and even younger boys are encouraged to come as long as their father is with them, or as along as their Pastor agrees to take responsibility for them.


Please pray about being able to come, and let us know soon!


  1. Your Bible, pen or pencil for note-taking

  2. Pillow, sheets, and blankets, or sleeping bag

  3. Bath towel, washcloth, soap, shampoo

  4. Torch

  5. Hill-Walking shoes

  6. Any sports equipment that you can bring

  7. Change of Clothes

  8. Costs are based on how many nights you can stay, and therefore how much FOOD each person eats. So, plan on €75 (IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY) per person. That pays for the meals, and the use of the rooms and facilities that we use for the meetings. Kids under 14 will just cost €55 each. If you can only come for one night, then we can adjust the price.

WHAT TO EXPECT. Easily expect to have a great time where you will be worn out, and yet very blessed by the preaching, the hiking, the eating, and the fellowship!


WHAT TO DO NOW. Contact Pastor Craig Ledbetter and tell him you are coming, how many will be with you, and when you plan on arriving.

If you want to see PHOTOS of the many years we have had this preaching retreat, just go to our Men's Retreat Website If you have any questions, or need directions, just email, telephone, or write us! But remember, this is on a first come first serve basis so… LET US KNOW SOON!

See you there!


Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

Tel: +353-21-4871234 or, Mob: 087-276-6764


Church Planting Conference in Waterford
April 5th, 1pm - 3pm