Bible Baptist Church - Ballincollig
(We formally were located in Blarney)

Photo Album - Inside Church

With these few pictures, you might get a better feel for what it is like in our church meetings.
But believe me, this can't compare with the reception that you will get, and the blessing you will receive when you come and visit in person!

When we were in Blarney Where we are at now in Ballincollig

People arriving for preaching and fellowship

Singing and praising God!

We have just a great all around friendly atmosphere!

Down to business - the preaching and study of God's Word

Deep (and I mean deep) into God's word!

The Teens  - Tomorrow's Soldier's of the Cross!

Enjoying a "cup a tea" before preaching

Always time for a cup of Tea!

Special Singing

Setting up for Church

John saying, Welcome, Welcome, Everyone!

The folks at Bible Baptist Church, Blarney watching as the children performed our annual Christmas Play.

Picture taken December, 1998.

Martin leading the singing

Setting up for Church Sunday morning

Sharon and Marie singing praises unto our God!

Tea Time!

Pastor Craig leading in a song