RU-486--That Poison Pill?

It was always lethal to the unborn child. It was intended to be. That's why the Clinton administration hurried its approval through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Now, it seems, RU-486 is dangerous to mothers, too. From September 2003 to June 2005, there were four deaths reported among women who took RU-486. FRC's Connie Mackey recently wrote to the FDA calling for Mifeprex--the brand name of RU-486--to be taken off the market. The letter noted that deaths and other serious complications from RU-486 are likely to be underreported. Another death, this one in Canada, adds to that concern. The FDA has acknowledged some health concerns about RU-486. In November, 2004, the agency added a "black box" warning to the drug.

Among the complications of using RU-486 are "serious bacterial infections, sepsis, bleeding, and death." The FDA tried to minimize its own warning by saying that "rare but serious complications can occur with any abortion." We are dealing with an entrenched pro-abortion bureaucracy in many instances. It requires constant monitoring. FRC will continue to press for action on this vital concern.
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