Why Does God Need a Bible?

"God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." John 4:24

To Reveal Some Things

God is a spirit. And as a spirit, He cannot be seen, felt, heard, or related to on His level. He had to relate to us on our level. That's one of the reasons why God sent His Son in flesh (the living Word, John 1:1-3) - so that we could know Him personally. And that is why He gave us His written word. Man by nature cannot know a God who is outside of nature unless that God chooses to reveal Himself. Somebody named Jesus lived and died 2,000 years ago. But how would a person know about that event, and that it was a one time sacrifice and payment for our sins? How could people know that He is the Saviour of sinners? God's word declares it plainly! How would someone know if man really has an eternal soul? God's word reveals it! How could anyone know if there really is a heaven, and what it is like? The Book of books explains all! It is God's record of truth!

To Prove His Commitment

The Bible also is God's written guarantee that He is committed to His creation! That may sound trite, but if you look at what people do to things that fall apart, it is easy to see that God should have destroyed this planet long ago! But He wrote something down, and signed His name to it that we can trust Him to save us by His grace, and that He will never let us down! God gave us a legally binding document that you can stake your eternal destiny upon!

To Provide an Instruction Manual

God's word is the most complete instruction manual on life ever written! It was written by a Perfect Father, and was written with sinners in mind, so it matches our goal, and our current limitations. It is not unreasonable, and yet, ever challenging! And best of all, it assures success!

To Give Clear Warning

One of the most important reasons that God needed a Bible written was to provide sinful man a clear and accurate warning. It would not be enough for someone to say that someday, somewhere, out there, danger lies. God wrote very specifically that He will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7), and that God's expectations are perfection (Romans 3:23), and that sin must be paid for (Romans 6:23), and that hell awaits all sinners (Revelation 21:8), and that man had better get saved from his sins or else he will go there (Luke 13:2-5)! God knew that people need a clear warning!

To Comfort

The Bible has its negative aspects, as well as its positive ones too! It is a balanced Book - quite unlike the advertising of today. The Bible contains precious promises of a loving God, who's primary desire is to meet your every need (Romans 15:4), if you will just trust Him completely!

To Present Our Only Means of Salvation

But most importantly, God needed a Bible to present His method of saving sinners (John 20:31) - by repenting of your sin, and trusting only in God's Son Jesus Christ for your salvation (Acts 20:21)! There is no complicated recipe. All that is involved is that a person must come to God as they are, ready to turn away from sin, and then accept Christ's death on the cross as sufficient payment for their sin. Once a person accepts that, and truly believes it with all their heart, God implants eternal life into their heart, and they become a born again Christian!

But you couldn't get saved without knowing the Bible. And you could get spiritual comfort without a Bible. And you wouldn't know God's clear warnings without a Bible. And you would be groping in the dark for accurate instructions without the Bible, and you would never know anything about a God you couldn't see without a Bible!

You had better get your hands on one today!